Time's Almost Up for Re-Blocking Your Lectrosonics Wireless

July 25, 2018

Important Notice for Lectrosonics Users of 600MHz Gear

If you're using any Lectrosonics wireless systems in the 600 MHz range (Block 24 or higher), please take note of some important timelines below, in this informative bulletin from Karl Winkler at Lectrosonics:

In mid-October 2018, manufacturers and dealers of wireless microphones will no longer be allowed to manufacture or sell wireless microphones that do not meet the new regulations established by the FCC last year. After that date, the transmitters must be type approved (with new approvals) under the new regulations and meet the new specification (aka the ETSI mask). Lectrosonics is getting the new testing and approvals wrapped up right now for current production models.

If you have transmitters that are block 24 or higher (above 600MHz) and need to have them re-blocked under the current (pre-October) regulations (with 75Khz deviation), then you need to make your appointment for re-blocking NOW. Lectrosonics will not accept any re-block requests for old specification re-blocking after Sept 30th, 2018. They are scheduling appointments in their service queue and are already booked through August, leaving just a four-week window still available for re-blocking under old regulations. Make your appointment now!

For reference, here are the current re-block prices.

Some discontinued products, due to their age, will NOT be eligible for re-blocking under the new regulations AFTER September 30th.

Which models are involved?

A: NOT re-blocking now - due to the age of the product of the following these cannot re-block at all:

  • IFB-T1
  • IFB-T2
  • LMA
  • MM400 – all varieties
  • SM, SMa, SMDA
  • UM400

B: NOT re-blocking after Sept 30th:

  • HH
  • HM
  • UH
  • UM400a
  • UT

C: Products that can be re-blocked and will also be available as new, re-certified units after Sept 30th under the new regulations:

  • HHA
  • HMA
  • IFBT4
  • LMB
  • LT
  • SMQV
  • SMV
  • SMWB
  • SSM
  • WM

Products that don’t need re-blocking or upgrading – already certified under new regulations:

  • HHA-941
  • HMa-941
  • SMV-941
  • SMQV-941

Why not get approvals for the older products? They don’t meet the new specifications. Lectrosonics' engineers would have to redesign them from scratch and then go through the very costly approvals process. Both financially and technically, this makes that pathway unfeasible. The FCC has pounded the last nail into that coffin.

Can older gear get serviced? Yes. As long as it is simply a repair. A re-block, however, requires a new board – hence “manufactured”, hence no longer allowed after the October deadline.

Need help in getting your gear updated?

Our Sales Professionals can help. You can either get your existing products re-blocked via Lectrosonics or trade them up for new gear altogether before August 30th.

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