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Your Challenge, Your Choice.

Be it sports events, theatre productions or any other kind of live broadcasting - when capturing live sound is the challenge, most sound engineers and rental services around the world agree upon the same solution: The wireless Sennheiser 2000 Series.

With its clear and powerful sound coveted by professional performers, this versatile and flexible system is impressive evidence of Sennheiser's enormous know-how in wireless stage equipment. Offering a large switching bandwidth, flexible frequency management, upgradable software as well as reliable and easy-to-use but sophisticated technology protected by sturdy housings, the 2000 Series was born and raised for the stage life with all its roughness. Giving pros the options and the confidence they should expect from their tools. From handheld microphones to in-ear monitoring to rugged ENG components.

Highest quality at both ends of the transmission path.
Sturdy though high-end, the frequency agile transmitters and reliable true diversity receivers of the Sennheiser 2000 series guarantee safe passage for the signal even in difficult environments.

Setting the standards in wireless monitoring.
Sennheiser IEM components enable you to hear and control your sound the way you want and need it.

Good news for ENG pros.
These highly reliable components make your pictures talk loud and clear, whether in the studio or outdoors.

Compatible ENG equipment
Depending upon the field of use, you can choose the wireless handheld transmitter SKM 2000 or the clip-on microphone MKE 1 with a SK 2000 bodypack transmitter or a wired microphone in combination with the SKP 2000 plug-on transmitter.

Head and ears - all set
The extremely lightweight headsets, HSP 2 and HSP 4, and the comfortable to wear earsets 1 and 4 are ideal partners for the Sennheiser 2000 series.

Change heads, keep the quality
Depending on what characteristics are required, every capsule from the evolution 800 and 900 series - and now also the fabulous Neumann cardioid KK 204 and super-cardioid KK 205 capsules - can be mounted to the SKM 2000 handheld transmitter.

Thanks to their built-in Ethernet connection series 2000 receivers can be remotely controlled by the Sennheiser Wireless System Manager (WSM) software on your PC. This allows you to directly monitor and control all operating statuses from one single computer. In addition, this versatile software now lets you reset the channel allocation at any time and store it as a "Scene". A new innovative WSM feature for multi-channel operation is the immediate identification of the channel allocated to each receiver at the press of a button.

All in one hand - Media Control Protocol
All stationary devices of the Sennheiser product series ew 300 G3, ew 500 G3, and 2000 series can be monitored and remotely controlled by implementing the Media Control Protocol via media control systems, mixing consoles or custom-made solutions.

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