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Bittree ProStudio 4825F

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The Price Barrier for a Pro TT Patch Bay Has Been Broken.

The ProStudio 4825F brings the reliability and sonic quality of TT (Bantam) patching to a whole new level of affordability! The compact size is ideal for small studios and other tight spaces, but can also be rack mounted with an optional kit. Rear connections are easy and convenient thanks to the standard analog DB25 pin configurations, so getting your favorite outboard processors wired up is no trouble at all.

The unit ships fully normalled on all channels, but can be easily changed to suit your needs. Each channel is clearly numbered for easy identification. Compatible with both analog and 110-ohm digital applications.


  • Stand alone desktop patchbay with 4 rubber feet
  • Designed to fit perfectly below the API® 500-6B 6-slot Lunchbox Chassis
  • 2x24 jack configuration with mono (even) jack spacing
  • DB25 rear interface (12 x 25-pin female DB25 connectors)
      - Protools®, Tascam® DB25 Pinout
  • Selectable normalling and grounding
       - Ships full normal with bussed grounds
  • Circuits can be easily changed via shunts under both designation strips
       - Normalling – circuits can be set to full normal, half normal or non-normal 
       - Grounding – can be set to bussed, isolated, or looped
  • Analog and Digital 110 ohm compatible 
  • 1-24 left-to-right numbering on front panel for easy circuit identification
  • 2 x DS-PS4825/S designation strips, "Over/Under" orientation
  • 7" (17.78 cm) deep fully enclosed chassis

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