CQ Series Power Sequencers

Power Management Has Never Been Easier.

CQ Series products feature a pair or pairs of power outputs which are turned on and off in a predetermined sequence. Equipment to be powered plugs directly into the CQ device. No master control module is needed. All CQ models have the ability to transmit a sequence command to another CQ unit or to receive a remote sequence command from another CQ unit or other command component. In this way, any CQ Series product can be a master or slave unit. (Exception: CQ-1 has no onboard control switch and can't be a master unit.) Building a power sequencing system is as easy as connecting CQ power modules together with RJ45 cable.

Series Highlights:

  • No master controller required.
  • Scalable for very small or very large systems.
  • Easy to install.
  • Reliable.
  • In stock.
  • Available technical support.

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