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Glensound Beatrice D8 8-Channel Network Audio Desktop Intercom

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The Glensound BEATRICE D8 is a versatile and fully featured, 8 channel desktop intercom with crystal clear audio designed for broadcast, theatre and professional audio applications. It is part of the Beatrice intercom system that utilises the reliable and proven Dante network audio transmission... Read More

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The Glensound BEATRICE D8 is a versatile and fully featured, 8 channel desktop intercom with crystal clear audio designed for broadcast, theatre and professional audio applications.

It is part of the Beatrice intercom system that utilises the reliable and proven Dante network audio transmission protocol to allow real time distribution of uncompressed audio across standard networks, it is also AES67 compliant. As such the BEATRICE D8 is fully compatible with other manufacturers' equipment using the Dante and/ or AES67 protocols.

The desktop intercom was designed to be very easy to use for the operator and simple to setup for the technician. It includes all the basic functionality required for small intercom systems and none of the overly complex installation requirements normally associated with large systems.

8 Channels Of Intercom
One single user connected to the unit can listen and communicate with 8 separate locations on the network. Depending upon how the DanteTM network has been routed the incoming audio circuits and outgoing circuits can be different locations.

Dante Routing & Partyline
Audio routing to/ from other devices is setup using Dante controller which allows for point to multipoint routing on outgoing circuits (but only 1 single incoming circuit for each of the 8 channels). Therefore it includes an inbuilt fixed ratio 14 input 19 output mixer matrix with inputs and outputs connected directly to the Dante / AES67 which allows for setting up partyline and complex group circuits.

Onboard Mic & External Mic Input
A good quality, clear sounding microphone amplifier designed for communication purposes is fitted which also has the benefit of a compressor/ limiter circuit to help keep levels and intelligibility consistent even when the operator gets overly excited. This microphone amp has two microphone sources, either the inbuilt front panel mounted electret capsule which provides good voice intelligibility from normal working distances or a balanced XLR input for connecting external gooseneck microphones to. Twelve Volt Phantom power is also available and can be turned on/ off as required via an internal link.

Large Diameter Visatron Loudspeaker 
What's the point of an intercom unit if the onboard speaker is so small and cheap that you can't understand what is being said to you? Beatrice uses high output, high quality, large magnet Visatron speakers with excellent voice intelligibility to make communication straightforward and easy to understand.

Mains or PoE Powered
An inbuilt wide range switch mode mains power supply is fitted for powering the Beatrice D8. It is terminated with a standard IEC plug, making it easy to plug in wherever you are in the World. 
The unit can also be powered via the Ethernet cable by standard PoE (Power over Ethernet) on either of the copper Ethernet ports. The PoE power can be supplied by an external PoE switch or a midspan power injector.

Redundant Twin Copper & Twin Fibre Ethernet Interface
When ultra reliable communications is needed for the utmost important jobs glitch free redundant network circuits can be set up using the primary and secondary Dante network ports.
There are 2 copper Ethernet ports on Neutrik Ethercons and also 2 fibre Ethernet ports presented as SFP slots (SFP modules not included). Redundant networks can be set up across any of these ports.

Channel Input and Output Gain Controls 
For maximum flexibility gain can be applied to incoming audio signals and outgoing signals separately. A row of LEDs indicate the current gain setting when a channels input or output is being adjusted.

Call Function
A simple call function is inbuilt allowing the operator of one unit to call/alert other users that they want to communicate with. A bright front panel illuminated yellow round switch is used for calling the other party and also flashes to indicate that you have been called. As well as flashing a LED at the receiving end of the call an audible 'beep' can be set to alert the user that an incoming call has been placed to them.

Presence Indication
A front panel illuminated red switch is used to indicate the presence of incoming audio on that channel. When audio is detected on the channel the switches internal red LED is illuminated, the red LED then stays on for a short period after the incoming audio stops to help the operator identify who has been talking to them.

Mixer Matrix
For setting up more complex groups and partyline circuits that could not be achieved via DanteTM controller or your AES67 router, an inbuilt fixed ratio mixer is supplied. It has 14 audio inputs direct from the network and 19 mix outputs to the network. 5 of the mixers have inbuilt automatic audio ducking circuits.

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Product Specs

NETWORK/ Dante Interface  
Physical Interface 2 off RJ45 Neutrik Ethercons and 2 off SFP slots
Audio Sample Frequency 48kS/s
Transfer Rate 1000Mbps
Dante Chipset Brooklyn II (Note: suitable for acting as a masetr clock for a network incorporating many Ultimo Chipsets)
AES67 Compliant The Audinate Brooklyn module used is AES67 compliant
Mic Gain Range +61 to +21dB
Phantom Power 12 Volts (set by internal link)
Equivalent Input Noise -126dB (20Hz to 20kHz A weighted 150 Ohms)
Headphone Impedance 32 - 1000 Ohms
Max Headphone Output Level +14dB into 600 Ohms
Headphone Connector 6.35mm (1/4") TRS socket
Band Pass Filter 50Hz to 15kHz
Inband Calling Frequency 20kHz
Amplitude -20dBFs
Duration Of Signal 2 seconds
Compatibility All Glesnound Beatrice units and Studio Technologies
Mains Voltage 100 to 240 VAC +/-10%
Mains Frequency 50 to 60Hz
Power Over Ethernet (PoE) 48 Volts
Consumption 15 Watts
Redundancy Mains and PoE are dioded together for glitch free redundancy
Mechanics All aluminium with laser etched anodised panels and light textured black powder coated sides, base and lid
Size 19" 1RU high 164mm deep
Weight 1.6Kg (3.5lb)
Shipping Weight 3Kg
Shipping Size 61 x 41 x 12cms
Shipping Carton Rugged export quality cardboard carton
Handbook Physical A5 (Download .pdf also available)
Network Cable 2 meter RJ45 to R45 cable

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