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Golden Age Project

The Golden Age Project brand was created in Sweden in 2005 as a side business to Golden Age Music´s distribution of high end pro audio gear. Golden Age Music was founded in 1982 by Bo Medin who from the age of ten devoted close to twenty years of activities in the wonderful world of electronics and audio. Bo then decided to turn his hobby into a professional venture.

Deeply rooted in the old style analog audio world and enjoying all the amazing products in his business, both from the sales side of things but also as a repair guy and a designer of electronics and loudspeakers, a dream to be able to offer the classic and very musical sound qualities at an affordable price point grew stronger and stronger.

The fulfillment of that dream was the creation of the Golden Age Project brand. Having a humble start with several ribbon mic models, the big breakthrough came in 2006 when the PRE-73 preamp was released, it became an instant success and it is still selling very well in its present MKIII version.

New products have been constantly added to the range that now consists of a good number of mics and outboard units. Two of the most recent ones is the COMP-3A, a clone of the revered LA-3A that has received rave reviews, and the first tube based GAP product, the COMP-2A, based on the LA-2A, that was released in early 2017.

Golden Age Project will continue to offer new products with "Vintage character for modern ideas"!