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Icon Pro Audio Control Surface Sale

Icon Pro Audio Sale

Save Up To $100 On iCon Pro Audio Surfaces.

The New Year is here and so are amazing deals on Icon Pro Audio DAW Control Surfaces from January 27 to March 30, 2022.

QCon Pro

Robust, flexible, and powerful, the QCon Pro G2 and EX G2 Expander give you control over just about any DAW on the market. Set your levels, fine tune your EQs and effects, record automation, punch in and punch out of recordings, all at the tip of your fingers. The QCon Pro G2 sports nine motorized faders, eight multi-purpose push encoders, 78 buttons, jog shuttle wheel, and 2 foot pedal connectors. 12-segment LED level meters are provided for each channel, and a large backlit LCD screen displays channel names and parameter values. A 12-segment LED display is also provided for SMPTE or MIDI beat clock.

The QCon EX provides eight additional channels to your QCon Pro G2 system allowing you to expand in increments of eight to 16, 24, 32 up to 64 channels depending on your DAW with QCon EX G2 extenders.

Platform M+

The Platform M+ is a MIDI control surface designed for producers, engineers and musicians who want the hands on control of real faders on a mixing console PLUS the flexibility of modern “in the box” or touchscreen digital music production within a smaller physical workspace. With nine (9) full sized motorized faders, eight (8) rotary dual-function encoder knobs, backlit buttons for Mute, Solo, Automation and Transport control, a jog wheel, and access to your entire mix by banking across tracks in groups of 8 or 1 channel at a time.

All of these models support Mackie Control or HUI protocol and include a comprehensive set of FREE software from Bitwig, Kilohearts, Tracktion, Harrison, and more.

Prices below reflect instant savings.

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