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The Ultimate Voiceover Microphone Studio Solution.

ISOMIC is guaranteed to capture your voice like never before. Thanks to the revolutionary patented Triangular Capsule, a jaw-dropping frequency range of 7 Hz – 87 000 Hz is made possible. ISOMIC™ is tailored for voice recording within the ISOVOX® Vocal Booth and delivers a radio ready sound.

The sound can be described as rich, deep and crystal clear, perfect for the modern voiceover artist or vocalist.

<7 dB (A) Self Noise, making audio editing easier than ever.
Less time removing noise, more time getting the job done. To ensure pop-free recordings, ISOMIC™ utilizes double pop-removal zones, this includes ISOPOP™ and a direct integrated filter.

Triangular Capsule, Made By Ehrlund
Made in Sweden by Ehrlund, this triangular capsule also features a 3x faster membrane recovery movement than a circular, and is therefore able to pick up transients that otherwise would be left unheard.

ISOMIC and ISOVOX 2 - The Perfect Pair For Voiceover Greatness
The ISOMIC sounds great for sure, but it really shines when paired with the innovative ISOVOX 2 vocal studio. Record with 360 XYZ Pro Studio Sound at home. Sing without disturbing your neighbors. It eliminates unwanted room sound and the need to soundproof your room.


  • Radio Ready Sound, just add compression!
  • Sonically tailored for best results with the ISOVOX® Vocal Booth
  • Extremely low self noise < 7 dB (A), so you can focus on your voice and not the noise…
  • 2x Pop-Removal Zones for pop-free recordings
  • Easy-on-the-eyes-design, so your eyes can focus on the script instead of the gear…
  • Specially designed for Voice Over Artists & Vocalists
  • Made in Sweden

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