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The Stereo Bar, an exclusive MacArthur Group product, is used for mounting microphones in any of several stereo configurations or patterns. The Stereo Bar is made of tough light-weight Delrin, which is light in weight and virtually unbreakable. 

Its flexible mounting design accommodates different stereo techniques. Two microphones may be set to Coincident, XY, MS, Blumlein, and ORTF stereo patterns, depending on which holes in the bar are utilized. Pattern repeatability is assured by the use of easily made templates. Other stereo patterns are possible, should unusual recording situations be encountered requiring resourceful techniques. 

The Stereo Bar may be screwed directly to the stand via a 3/8-16 thread, or for more isolation from vibration, the recommended method is to affix it in a 20mm shock mount of suitable stiffness for the mass weight of the microphones mounted on the bar.