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Mackie SRM V-Class Loudspeakers

Raw Power Meets Beauty.

SRM | V-Class High-Performance Powered Loudspeakers are a whole new tier of SRM portable loudspeakers that aren’t just made to get the job done, but to get it done better than anything else with unmatched clarity, output, and control packaged into sleek, rugged enclosures.

  • Best performance, sound quality, and reliability in its class
  • Industry-leading 2000W Class-D amplifier with transparent system limiting and protection
  • Superior sound with Advanced Impulse™ DSP tuning and Intelligent Bass Management™
  • High-performance transducers and custom SymX™ Horn for unmatched clarity and accuracy
  • SRM Mix Control™ built-in 4-channel digital mixer with Bluetooth®
  • Complete wireless control via the SRM Connect™ app
  • Wirelessly link 2 SRM | V-Class speakers together for music streaming applications plus control
  • Dual-angle pole mount plus angled design for use as a floor monitor

What makes SRM | V-Class better?

2000W Class-D Amplifier
SRM | V-Class comes equipped with Mackie's most rock-solid, powerful amplifier platform ever for better performance across the board than any other loudspeaker in its class. Ultra-efficient power combined with sophisticated protection and monitoring means your loudspeakers will sound better and get louder than anything else in their class with unrivaled reliability.

Heavy-Duty Transducers
No expense was spared on the drivers for this series. Woofers feature large, powerful magnets partner with robust motors, voice coils and spiders to provide the highest possible efficiency and transient accuracy. Additional cooling vents surrounding the specially designed voice coil plus directional cabinet porting ensures maximum heat dispersion and reliability.

The premium polymer high-frequency driver provides the flattest possible response for incredibly smooth highs that enhance the details of your music or mix without sounding harsh.

Custom Sym-X™ Horn
The custom designed Sym-X™ horn combined with a premium polymer high frequency driver provides an almost razor flat response (within +/- .5 dB), and that carries through the crossover point to the woofer for the smoothest midrange possible in a portable loudspeaker. Not only does this make the speaker sound amazing right out of the box, it keeps the most important things in your mix sounding clear and natural even at high SPL.

Advanced Impulse™ DSP - Proprietary Acoustic Tuning
Just the level of fidelity and sound quality from the transducers and amplifier alone are quite amazing. But Mackie settles for nothing short of perfection. With Advanced Impulse™ DSP, muddy midrange, harsh highs, and sloppy bass simply do not exist with these speakers. Not only does SRM | V-Class sound incredible directly in front of them on-axis, they sound just as good all the way to the edge of their coverage unlike other typical loudspeakers.

SRM Mix Control™ - 4-Channel Digital Mixer with Bluetooth®
Equipped with a full-color display, settings and adjustments are clear and easy to see. The main window displays input and output levels. Easily dive into channel and system settings for current voicing, EQ, alignment delay settings, and more all at a glance. Want access to quick adjustments on the fly? Download the SRM Connect™ app for complete wireless control from your phone. Bluetooth connectivity means you can stream to a pair of SRM | V-Class speakers for an extremely quick and easy music playback rig.

Application and Location Based Voicing Modes
Adapting your system to your specific needs and where it is all happening is crucial to achieving the best sound possible. Within SRM Mix Control, you get 5 different voicing modes that will each apply a preset response curve making the speaker optimized for that use. In addition, there are Indoor and Outdoor modes that are applied alongside the application specific modes. This offers even deeper optimization which can all be controlled directly on the speaker or via the SRM Connect app.

Wireless Linking
Want to get some music playing through your system quick? How about on-the-fly adjustments to your pair of loudspeakers? With SRM | V-Class it's a piece of cake. Just pair your two SRM V-Class speakers together, then control and stream music to them right from your phone. They can act like a stereo L/R or be split up as a dual zone system with seperate level controls.

Intelligent Bass Management™
When you really push these speakers, Intelligent Bass Management uses the processing power of V-Class to keep the LF in check while maintaining perfectly clear, punchy sound. Other speakers introduce significant delay to the low frequencies resulting in muddy, inaccurate bass reproduction.

Transparent System Protection and Monitoring
SRM | V-Class utilizes a sophisticated combination of input limiting, multi-band compression, temperature monitoring, and signal analysis to keep the amplifier and transducers safe. And because of the heavy-duty transducers within SRM | V-Class, limiting doesn't even need to kick in until the speaker is cranked to ear destroying levels. Not only does this add up to incredible reliability, it means that the sound quality you hear at lower levels is maintained even when cranked up to ludicrous SPL.

Need to Really Shake the Room?
When you need maximum bass reinforcement for your SRM | V-Class system, look no further than the DRM18S Professional Powered Subwoofer. Optimizing your system is easy with a DRM18S crossover preset selectable via the rear display on your SRM | V-Class speaker or in the SRM Connect app.

The Mackie SRM V-Class is expected to ship in March 2020.

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