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What is Horus?

Horus might be one of the worlds most sonically transparent Mic Pre’s. Horus might also be one of the most phenomenal AD/DA boxes on the market. Horus could very well be the ultimate answer to anyone wanting Analogue/AES/MADI interconnectivity in the room they work in. It is a revolution in “bang for buck” technology and is set to become the defacto audio I/O device for the media industries...

But in reality Horus is much, much more:

Dale Pro Audio WorshipUsing Ravenna technology, Horus brings to the table the possibility to interconnect your entire facility using nothing more than a standard RJ45 connector. Once in Ravenna mode, the Horus box simply becomes a node on a network, one that can be instantly called to be an input, an output, or a combination of both.

Whether you are in broadcast, TV and film, CD/SACD mastering, studio or live music recording, live events, theatres, museums, cruise ships, or any industry where you need audio to get from A to B (or A to B and C, or C to A and part of D, E, and F!).

Dale Pro Audio WorshipUsing standard network connections, switches and connectors, Horus and other Ravenna-enabled devices can be placed on a network and interconnected IN ANY WAY YOU CAN IMAGINE.

As leaders for over 60 years in servicing the the Broadcast, Post Production, Contractor and Recording industries, Dale Pro Audio can help you configure a system for whatever your needs and workload may be.


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