Canare L-2T2S 2-Conductor Bulk Microphone Cable (100 Meter Spool)


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  • Standard diameter 2-conductor microphone cable for general purpose audio applications. The high density braided copper shield and two inner conductors (composed of 60 thin strands of copper wire), allow for maximum flexibility and reduced handling noise. A special compound PVC outer jacket resists cracking and tears even in sub-zero environments.


    • Braided Copper Shield
    • Flexible in Extreme Cold Weather
    • Reduced Handling Noise
    • Rejects EMI and RFI
  • Standard Length 100 Meters (328 ft)
    200 Meters (656 ft)
    Weight per 200 Meters 20 lbs (9 kg)
    Nominal Outer Diameter .236 in
    (6.00 mm)
    Jacket Nominal Thickness .039 in
    (1.0 mm)
    Brittle Point -56 F (-49 C)
    No. of Conductors 2
    Insulation Type/Thickness IPE
    19.7 mil
    Cross Sec. Area mil.²
    AC - #23
    Pitch Twist Quad in.
    Less than 0.79
    (less than 20)
    Shield Coverage greater than 94%
    Cond. D.C.R. ohm/1000ft
    less than 19.8
    (less than6.5)
    Shield D.C.R. ohm/1000ft
    less than 9.4
    (less than 3.1)
    Nominal Capacitance Conductor-Conductor pF/m 70
    Nominal Capacitance Conductor-Shield pF/m 106
    Nominal Impedance 88 ohms
    Nominal Attenuation V/1000ft
    Group Delay Time nS/ft
    Jacket Colors Black
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