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ProSoCoustic acoustic panel products are proudly distributed in the USA by FullScale AV.

ProSoCoustic started with a clean slate. Designed from the ground up, these revolutionary acoustic products utilize the latest materials, design science and manufacturing to produce solutions for demanding acoustic needs. ProSoCoustic diverges from the standard model of gluing fabric to insulation as an acoustical product. Instead, they looked at the capabilities offered by modern-day manufacturing to meet clients needs.

ProSoCoustic is made in the USA. Using a range of materials that start as recycled or are recyclable after the manufacturing process. Their philosophy of cradle to the ground conservation starts with their acoustic material of choice, which is created of a mixture of slag steel and basalt rock. Slag steel is a by-product of the steel manufacturing process, and basalt rock is from mother nature herself. These various framing material products utilized include wood chip waste from the forestry industry and aluminum.

ProSoCoustic is 100% designed and assembled in the United States - they feel strongly about keeping their workforce and manufacturing locally. They also maintain ecologic sensibility when all possible. For example, the WAVE series frame chassis is molded via press forms. The large custom presses use a biodegradable fluid instead of oil-based hydraulic fluid. This is just one example of ways the factory contributes to the conservation of our environment and the health of our communities.