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RDL Dante Products

Dante Connectivity Meets RDL Quality.

Dante is a complete, reliable solution for high-performance audio distribution over standard IP networks, supporting hundreds of simultaneous channels of uncompressed audio with ultra-low latency and sub-microsecond synchronization accuracy. RDL’s Dante-enabled products interface standard microphone and line-level audio signals, and the entire group of RDL FORMAT-A endpoints to a Dante audio network.

RDL’s Dante™-enabled products provide flexibility, economy and simplicity to Dante networked audio system. The products interface standard microphone and line-level audio signals as well as the entire group of RDL FORMAT-A endpoints to a Dante audio network.RDL’s FORMAT-A system is a proven industry-standard family of compatible products that send, receive and distribute audio over standard CATx cable and connectors. The integration of Dante audio networking with FORMAT-A endpoints provides several unique advantages:
  • Locate each mic and line input or output endpoint exactly where it is needed
  • Daisy chain multiple audio endpoints through a single CATx home run
  • Select from a comprehensive array of endpoints including amplifiers, headphone amplifiers, mic/line XLR and stereo audio wall plates
  • Overcome the distance limitations of IP networks with FORMAT-A modules while using standard CATx cable and connectors
  • Simplify the installation and reduce equipment cost with FORMAT-A/Dante integration
FORMAT-A products include a popular array of more than 60 standard and customizable Decora®-style, rack-mount and utility-mount endpoints and user interfaces. Other Dante-enabled products interface any OEM product or jack plate, and RDL and OEM power amplifiers and mixers to a Dante network. All of the products are available in PoE (Power over Ethernet) and non-PoE models.

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