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Remote Broadcasting Solutions

Stay On The Air. Wherever You Are.

As more and more people are being required to work from home and not commute to a studio, the need for devices to allow high quality audio transmission are on the rise. In years past a format called ISDN was the most popular method for these high quality transmissions. The downside was that the lines were expensive, most equipment pretty expensive and the lines were notoriously difficult to get installed. ISDN is no longer supported by telecommunication companies and a new generation of devices that use the internet for transmission are available.

Here are some units that a facility would need in order to allow remote sessions, or talent at home would use to connect to a facility (with the exception of the Comrex Opal, which is for facilities that have inbound communications). These are the most cost-effective and/or simplest units - since not everywhere needs or is able to invest big money right now with the uncertainty in the world.

Our Technology Development Manager Joel Guilbert explains each model below.

  • Comrex Opal: After some setup this system allows a facility to email the talent a link to enable connection - no other Codec equipment needed on the talent end.
  • Comrex BRIC-Link II: Basic, cost effective unit that supports most popular (AAC, G711, Opus) codec schemes.
  • Telos Z/IP One: Supports a LOT of codecs. Telos is an industry standard in broadcast.
  • Tieline Bridge-IT PRO: Cost effective 2 channel unit that supports popular (AAC) codecs, as well as (optional) APT-X codec.
  • Digigram IQOYA-Xlink-LE: Supports stereo analog/AES3 and Livewire/Ravenna/AES67 streams. Supports popular (AAC, Opus) Codecs.
  • APT Worldcast APT IP CODEC: Supports popular (AAC) codec, as well as high quality APT-X Enhanced codec (standard, no additional fee)

This is, of course, only the tip of the iceberg - we can also help you with microphones, headsets, cables, headphones, and a full list of accessories. Talk to one of our Sales Professionals!

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