Shure GLX-D Advanced Digital Wireless

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Shure's Easiest Multi-System Wireless Solution.

With the introduction of the revolutionary GLX-D® Digital Wireless Systems, Shure brought legendary microphones together with new groundbreaking automatic frequency management, rechargeability and the highest quality design and construction. Now GLX-D Advanced Digital Wireless offers these notable features to a whole new audience - featuring a suite of products, including GLX-D Advanced Frequency Managers, rack mount receiver systems and remote antenna mounting options. Seamless multi-system configurations match the demands of most small to medium houses of worship, education institutions and music venues, with rock solid performance and increased channel count.

Exceptional Digital Audio Clarity

The clearest sound from world-renowned Shure microphones via proprietary Shure digital wireless technology.

Intelligent Rechargeablity

Rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries with accurate battery metering for up to 16 hours use from a full charge – save an average of $2000 in disposable batteries.

Automatic Frequency Management

Linked GLX-D Advanced Wireless receiver communities easily identify and move away from interference continuously, finding the clearest channels for all systems.

Rock-Solid RF Performance for Multiple System Installations

GLX-D Advanced Frequency Managers provide improved RF performance, antenna distribution and seamless frequency management for up to 9 GLX-D Rack Mount systems in typical environments (11 under optimal conditions).

Rack Mountable for Multi-System Efficiency

Included mounting hardware and detachable antennas and make it easy to install multiple GLXD4R rack mount receiver systems.

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