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Shure Pro Broadcasting Bundle

Take The Broadcast Studio Home With You.

Broadcasters, news anchors, reporters, analysts, and other on-air talent have begun working from home, but still need high-quality microphones and IFB as if they were still in-studio. Our valued partners at Shure have come up with an ingenious solution for this application, centered around some of their top-notch products.

What's Included:

  • MVi/A-LTG – MOTIV Single-Channel Digital Audio Interface (included in P58-CN-240-MVI)
  • TL47B/O-LEMO-A - TwinPlex TL47 Omni Lavalier with Accessories, Black
  • RPM400LEMO - Wired LEMO3 to XLR Preamplifier with belt clip (to adapt the TL47B/O-LEMO for use with the MVi and boost gain)
  • SE215-CL – Earphones with Ear Tip Fit Kit and Case (for monitoring the MVi)
  • EAC-IFB – IFB Accessory Cable for SE Earphones

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