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Shure Wireless for Online Streaming

Solutions for Fitness, Education, Worship, or Business.

Being forced to work at home shouldn't prevent you from reaching your audience. Shure BLX or PGX-D bodypack systems are cost-effective, reliable solutions for all sorts of on-camera applications.

Fitness Instructors - position yourself a short distance away from your camera, and teach your yoga, pilates, etc. classes without the hassle of wires. The BLX14/P31 headset system is specifically made to meet the demands of fitness instruction.

Worship Services - worship leaders or ministers, conduct your services online, using a discreet lavalier to stay hands-free.

Educational or Corporate Lectures - use a lavalier system for discreet, hands-free lessons. Teachers needing to conduct e-learning, business coaches, corporate training webinars, and so on - these systems will help you keep your professional agenda on track.

    Simply hook up the receiver to your streaming/recording device, wear the mic/bodypack transmitter, and you're set to go.

    Need guidance getting going? We're always here to help!

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