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Neumann SKM 184

The KM 184 has become the standard high-quality miniature microphone for various types of recordings, and now it's available in an attractive stereo set.

KM 184

Because of its optimized mechanical construction and conscious omission of modularity, which is unnecessary in many cases, the "Series 180" is ideal for economy-minded production and home recording studios. All "Series 180" microphones are available with either matte black or nickel finish. Their slender shapes and the transmission characteristics described below make the "Series 180" especially suitable for a very wide range of tasks in the radio and television sector.

Although the KM 184 has the same capsule as the classic KM 84, the microphone differs slightly on the 0° frequency response: The KM 184 has a gentle rise at about 9 kHz, a characteristic that was introduced very successfully with the KM 140. The result is a tonal balance that is fresher and livelier when compared to the KM 84 with its flat frequency response in that band. This difference was achieved with just a slight change of the capsule’s rear opening and is not due to resonances.

The "Series 180" is a good choice for all users who look for a high-quality miniature microphone, but do not need the complex, modular KM 100 system.