System 9 is a wireless sound system designed to deliver a premium in-store audio experience.

Guts & Glory
Extraordinarily innovative. Amazingly easy. Exceptional sound quality. No cables. At a minimum of cost & effort.

Get the full musicality and flexibility to maximize your customers instore experience. Music effects spending behavior as much as 17% increase with the right sound and the right music.

Sonab Retail Installation



Sonab CLSBlend in & Stand out
Get on track with System 9

Just snap the speakers where you need them, they discretely blend into the lights with the unique design.
Camouflaged sound with lasting impact.


Sonab CTXVersatile & Flexible
Play from any audio source, anywhere you want it.

Media player / Mac / PC / TV / iPhone / iPad / NAS / CD-player / MP3 player / Phono pre-amp /
Airport Express / Sat box receiver / Smart phone / Squeezebox


Plug & Play
As easy as it can be.
Premium sound with minimum installation.

Just connect the transmitter to a sound source, make a few settings, and place the speakers. Where a traditional sound system takes 2 days to install, a typical System 9 installation takes 2 hours. No tricky software, no loudspeaker cables or amplifiers. It’s that easy.

Sonab Speaker Installation



Levels & Zones
Power where you want it

Play the music at different levels in different areas of a location. With up to 6 different volume zones, the sound can be tailormade to every location. Intuitive controls with to-the-point functionality.

Sonab Speaker Zones



Failsafe & Reliable
Go for all wired or all wireless.
Or mix them up.

All speakers are capable of both wireless and wired transmission. Even receiving wirelessly, and transmit the signal further by cable.

Sonab Wired or Wireless