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TallyMan Advanced Control Systems

With over 1,000 installations worldwide, TallyMan has proven to be the most flexible and user-configurable broadcast control system available, providing a simple but powerful layer of control to your facility that allows you to deliver against three demands of the industry today:

  1. Seamless high quality
  2. High production values
  3. Cost control

Three key components are essential to achieving this:

Benefit from independent and protocol agnostic integration that provides the flexibility needed to choose best fit and best of breed with confidence, for new or existing systems. Then take the efficiency found in automated systems and multiply it to dramatically reduce production costs and support facility-wide management via a fully customizable interface to enhance and streamline operational workflows and bring flexibility to outside broadcast and transmission facilities worldwide.

Powerful functionality:

  • Device control using a powerful built-in logic engine which is both flexible and efficient.
  • Real-time signal flow to manage all content and process flows.
  • Process automation that defines auto responses to system changes and reduces head count and training.
  • Global name management with automatic import/export between devices.
  • User-designed and built and tailored to workflows with total system control that reduces user error and provides real-time feedback.
  • Distribute information via IP, serial and GPI to meet the capabilities of all equipment, new and existing.

Small and Large Facilities

  • Customised to the requirements of users in all areas of the facility.
  • Modular approach for critical data sharing whilst providing a unified redundancy system.
  • Virtual panels communicate directly with any controller in a system.

Remote Studios

  • Complete virtual control of regional locations
  • Touch screen control to:
    • Adjust lighting
    • Control camera position, pan, tilt and zoom
    • Automatically route talkback and production sounds to ear.
    • Send videos and graphics to in-vision monitors

Process Automation
Systems such as robotic camera systems and routers with logic control capabilities exist to make broadcast workflows more efficient. But whilst they provide a certain level of efficiency, they still lack vital component cooperation. TallyMan takes the efficiency found in automated systems and multiplies it to dramatically reduce production costs.

Hybrid 4K / HD Systems
TallyMan turns existing HD systems into intelligent hybrid HD/4K systems that change operation automatically with no user input. In the case of 4K in an HD infrastructure, multiple signals - 4 HD-SDI - must be routed around the facility in unison. TallyMan will automatically route these signals as one and provide users with familiar 1:1 X-Y control, completely eliminating the learning curve with no change to normal day to day operations.

Scaling and Resilience
For most broadcasters, mission critical systems have to be resilient. Single points of failure are generally considered too high a risk. TallyMan provides a platform for failovers, and in turn its architecture allows you to build resilient control structures.