Tannoy V6 Full-Range Install/Portable 6-Inch Loudspeaker (White)


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  • The White Tannoy V6, an Ultra compact high performance speaker system with high power 6" Dual Concentric driver in trapezoidal MDF enclosure. 8Ω impedance, 100W RMS /200W program, 93dB sensitivity, 90Hz - 22kHz (+/-3dB). Threaded M6 inserts for optional mounting bracket or Omnimount 30.0 series bracket, blanking plate for optional stand adapter, 1 x Neutrik Speakon NL4MP, 2 x 4mm binding posts.

    Featuring a high power 150mm (6") Dual Concentric drive unit with Tannoy's unique point source technology, the Tannoy V6 provides a compact solution for high quality music and speech reproduction. Installation, in even the smallest of venues, is made simpler due to the 90 degree conical dispersion of the Dual Concentric which allows either vertical or horizontal mounting without affecting sound quality or compromising performance.

    The V6 comprises one 150mm (6") Dual Concentric driver in which the low frequency (LF) and high frequency (HF) sources are coincidentally aligned to a point source, resulting in a smooth uniform frequency response over a wide area. The sophisticated CAD designed waveguide combines 90 degree conical dispersion and excellent acoustic impedance characteristics.

    As a foreground system, installation is made simple with a range of Secur-ET mounting hardware, designed specifically for the V series. As a versatile low profile stage monitor, the conical coverage pattern gives the performer greater freedom of movement than allowed by conventional horn loaded designs.

    The V6 has been designed for use with the Tannoy TX1 controller, which will equalise the system resulting in improved bass performance as well as providing a 2-way crossover function, for use with separate sub-bass systems.

    The V6 is a premium quality installation loudspeaker that provides a compact solution for high quality music and speech reproduction in smaller venues, this versatile loudspeaker also has, due to effective acoustic matching to the other V Series models, a wide range of applications in more space-restricted areas within larger installations.

    The conical coverage pattern makes the V6 an ideal low profile stage monitor; the exceptionally wide dispersion allowing the performer greater freedom of movement than allowed by conventional horn loaded designs.

    Compact and versatile, with a convenient aspect ratio, the asymmetric design of the multi layer birch ply V6 allows installation in a wide range of configurations. Available in black or white, the V6 has a range of colour matched Secure-ET hardware options to allow yoke, wall mount, ceiling saddle or cluster bar arrangements of 2, 3 or 4 units.

    An inherent feature of this point source Dual Concentric driver design is that clusters and arrays have minimal lobing, and this is achieved without the use of any electronic signal processing. These acoustic characteristics enable either vertical or horizontal mounting for single or multi-cabinet arrays without compromising sound quality.

    Although designed to perform without any external controller, the addition of one of the Tannoy digital system controllers will further enhance performance by equalising the system to improve bass performance; this as well as providing a 2-way crossover function to facilitate use with a separate subwoofer system.

    The high power handling 150mm (6.00") version of Tannoy's exclusive point source, constant directivity Dual Concentric drive unit technology, with it's reinforced paper cone LF, twin roll cambric surround and 25mm (1.00") titanium domed, neodymium magnet system HF, ensures high power output with high sensitivity.

    With the HF mounted in the throat of the LF driver these two sources are coincidentally aligned into a single point source. This is a configuration, exclusive to the Dual, delivers a smooth and uniform frequency response over a wide area. The CAD designed Tulip WaveGuide combines 90Î_ conical dispersion for optimum coverage, forward gain and excellent acoustic impedance characteristics.

    Speaker placement flexibility is enhanced by this dispersion characteristic of the Dual driver; allowing either vertical or horizontal mounting without any compromise to sound quality or acoustic performance.

  • Frequency Response (-3dB) (1)87Hz - 35kHz
    Frequency Range (-10dB) (1)75Hz - 45kHz
    System Sensitivity (1W @1m) (2) 91dB (1W = 2.83V for 8 Ohms)
    Dispersion (-6dB)90 degrees conical
    Driver Complement150mm (6.00”) constant directivity Dual Concentric™
    CrossoverPassive 1.6kHz with dynamic HF protection
    Directivity Factor (Q)5.6 averaged 1kHz to 10kHz
    Directivity Index (DI)7.0 averaged 1kHz to 10kHz
    Rated Maximum SPL (2)Average: 111dB
    Peak: 117dB
    Power Handling
    Average: 100W
    Programme: 200W
    Peak: 400W
    Recommended Amplifier Power200W @ 8 Ohms
    Nominal Impedance8 Ohms
    Distortion10% Full Power (8.94V)
    2nd Harmonic
    250Hz: 2.64%
    1kHz: 0.223%
    10kHz: 1.873%
    3rd Harmonic
    250Hz: 0.365%
    1kHz: 0.458%
    10kHz: 0.29%

    1% Full Power (2.83V)
    2nd Harmonic
    250Hz: 0.64% 
    1kHz: 0.062% 
    10kHz: 0.78%
    3rd Harmonic
    250Hz: 0.314%
    1kHz: 0.436%
    10kHz: 0.266%
    Enclosure11.3 litre MDF, vented and internally braced
    FinishTextured black or white paint with custom colours on request
    Foam covered, powder coated perforated steel grille
    Connectors1 x Speakon NL4MP
    2 x 4mm binding posts
    Fittings4 x M6 bracket inserts
    2 x M6 yoke bracket inserts
    Dimensions (HxWxD)334 x 250 x 235mm
    (13.15 x 9.84 x 9.25”)
    1. Average over stated bandwidth. Measured at 1 metre on axis.
    2. Unweighted pink noise input, measured at 1 metre in an anechoic chamber

    A full range of detailed performance data, technical specifications, NWAA Labs independently verified performance files and EASE / CLF files can be accessed using the Downloads tab on the navigation menu above.

    Tannoy operates a policy of continuous research and development. The introduction of new materials or manufacturing methods will always equal or exceed the published specifications, which Tannoy reserves the right to alter without prior notification
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