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Simply Connected and Controlled, for Any Production Environment.

Imagine being able to use any wireless product anywhere in the stage, studio, conference, convention, broadcast or theme park environment? Now it is possible: UNIhub, from The Wireless Works, uses fiber-optic technology to enhance the range of any wireless products in the 150MHz – 2,700MHz range.

Simplicity, combined with technology, provides a never-before-available solution that is reliable, efficient, and flexible, with remote head units being controlled wirelessly from the main hub, using an integrated web interface with the reassurance of remote ethernet connectivity.

UNIhub does away with all those expensive and loss inducing coaxial cables, by using RF over fiber and DSP control to provide a truly flexible and far-reaching wideband solution. The system set-up is simplicity itself, using just a main hub, to which you connect any mix of wireless service in the 150MHz – 2,700MHz range. These are then controlled via an on-board matrix to distribute signals to any number of remote units.

The simple hub-based system is designed to be ‘technology independent’ in order to cope with any future technological advancements, giving the system a theoretically unlimited lifespan. And with the hub being able to control up to 64 individual remote units, up to 20kms distant, the UNIhub system gives you untold flexibility in any conceivable environment.

UNIhub benefits:

  • The simplicity and portability of the system, combined with the sophistication of the technology allows for it to be tailored for individual needs, and to be deployed with ultimate efficiency
  • A multi-service, multi-carrier solution, the system enables you to control your communications effectively and reliably across a range of disparate environments and scenarios
  • The simplicity of distribution enables this highly sophisticated, scalable and portable system to be brought to you very cost-efficiently, despite every installation being tailored to the client’s specification and requirements
  • The only truly wide-band active antenna system on the market, allowing you to plug in any existing service, across the 150MHz-2,700MHz range – no other system currently available can provide the coverage, range or flexibility of UNIhub
  • Monitoring and control is handled remotely, through web-based ethernet connectivity, so once the configuration is agreed, it is simple and cost-efficient to deploy
  • Future-proof, it is designed to accept any current system, but also adaptable enough to accept any new systems that are introduced into the market
  • Flexible with regards to systems and carriers, it works equally well with digital or analog, or a mixture of both, dispelling any concerns around currently maintained legacy systems

Suggested Applications:

  • Televised Events
  • Sporting Events
  • Temporary Structure/Site Builds
  • Large Area Sound Stages and Studios
  • Theme Parks
  • Exhibitions and Trade Fairs
  • Conventions and Conferences
  • Technical Training Seminars
  • Public Meetings