Yamaha Rivage PM10

Rivage PM10

A new PM Generation.

In the more than 40 years that have passed since Yamaha’s first professional live sound console was released, the PM series has been responsible for a number of important milestones in the history of sound reinforcement. Many of those innovations have become standard tools that professionals depend on to this day. And now, launching a new generation of PM consoles, the RIVAGE PM10 is here. In terms of sound quality, operation, functionality, reliability, expandability, and more, the RIVAGE PM10 is a thoroughly refined flagship that defines the direction for future generations. It is a worthy heir to the PM name that brings true innovation to the evolving live sound scene.

Rivage SystemThe basic RIVAGE PM10 system is comprised of the CS-R10 control surface and DSP-R10 DSP engine connected via a dedicated Cat5e ring "Console Network." The DSP engine connects to the RPio622 I/O rack via the HY card slot and the newly developed TWINLANe network. Dual power supplies are built into each unit for power supply redundancy.

TWINLANe is a proprietary Yamaha network protocol that can handle up to 400 audio channels over distances of up to 300 meters from device to device via multimode fiber cable. A ring network configuration makes it easy to implement redundancy that will keep the network running in the event of cable failure or similar problems. Up to two DSP engines and eight I/O racks can be connected in a single ring.


DanteConnection to a computer for multitrack recording as well as to CL or QL series consoles and other external equipment can be made via a Dante network. Dante, developed by Audinate, is primarily a star configuration network and offers outstanding expandability as well as system flexibility. It is also designed to support redundancy for excellent reliability while allowing simple setup with an extremely wide range of professional audio devices. The combination of TWINLANe and Dante results in an exceptionally flexible, reliable system overall.

Rivage PM10

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