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DPA Try Before You Buy

DPA 2028 Vocal Microphone and 2011C Cardioid Microphone.

Try it before you buy it.

High-quality, professional audio equipment isn't cheap and we understand that you would like to try the gear out before you shell out the money. Therefore, our friends at DPA Microphones have an offer for you.

DPA 2028 Vocal Microphone (wired handheld and wireless adaptor) and 2011C Cardoid Microphone.

You can try either the 2028 Vocal Microphone, with either a wired handle or a wireless adapter that fits most pro systems from Shure, Sony and Lectrosonics, or you can try the 2011C Cardioid Microphone.

Give us your information and we will arrange for shipping. You can use them for 14 days from when you receive them – think of it as a free trial period to make sure that you have chosen the perfect mic(s) for your situation. This offer is only available in the United States of America and a security deposit may be required.

Towards the end of the trial period, we will contact you again and you will have an important choice to make: Return the mic(s) or buy and keep them.

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