Lisa Gosselin

Parts & Accessories Sales

Lisa Gosselin is an Avid-certified graduate from the SAE Institute, and has a background in Recording, Post Production, and Live/Touring sound. She has a wealth of experience as a freelance sound engineer for local venues in the NY/NJ area, and a freelance mixing engineer, and is active on the touring scene.

Lisa currently works in Dale's parts department, selling parts/accessories, as well as Pro Audio gear. She is also able to assist Spanish-speaking clientele.

Lisa shares some lessons learned on the road: "Bring cables you don't even think you need because somehow you will need them. You can also never have too many DI boxes. And being able to solder is an invaluable skill on a tour because things always seem to break at the last minute, leaving no time to find a replacement in an unfamiliar city or after-hours."