ADAM Audio Five A3X and Sub 8 Matched - The Fogg 5.1 System


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  • Adam Audio is a global leader in accurate monitoring for mixing. In studios large and small, mixing is only part of the story. While tracking and auditioning performances, the EMOTION created by extended bottom end AND huge SPL can make the di erence between loving the take or beating it to death. The A3X/Sub7 bundle brings EMOTION to desktop monitoring now at a $200 discount (for a limited time).

    Specially designed for studio environments with limited space, the A3X easily meets professional requirements. Three-dimensional spatial representation, a controlled, deep bass response and accurate sound reproduction, especially in the critical areas between 200 and 400 Hz, make it the first choice for smaller, even mobile studio setups. With the A3X, analytical listening is possible without taking away musical enjoyment. Its excellent transient response and ability to easily play very dynamic tracks in all musical genres let it clearly stand out from comparable monitors in this price range.

    The Sub8 is a small yet powerful subwoofer designed to extend the low frequency capabilities of any nearfield monitoring system down to 30Hz. It houses a robust 8.5" woofer with a 1.5" voice coil driven by a 160W ICE power amplifier. This amp combines low heat generation with high performance to handle maximum power levels, even during long mix sessions.

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