Allen Products TCK-014-S Adjustable Tilt Cable Kit - Silver


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  • The Steerables Tilt Cable Kit is a general purpose, time saving and complete loudspeaker suspension and aiming solution. This versatile design employs aircraft cable and allows installer to secure loudspeakers from an overhead grid structure or universal-fit rigging device then quickly and precisely tilt them into position using the adjustable pull back feature.

    The Steerables Tilt Cable Kit provides a simple method of suspending and aiming loudspeakers, offering unprecedented ease of installation and aiming. Loudspeakers and other objects can be suspended from the top of the cabinet to achieve just slight down tilt angles or be suspended from the back of the cabinet to achieve a steeper down tilt angle.

    The clutch lock mechanism is at the center of this design which provides the pull back cable with an infinite range of locking positions (tilt angles). Two fixed cables provide all of the necessary structural support while the pull back cable sets the tilt angle.

    Package Contents and Working Load

    • 2 x 3/16 dia. Fixed cable, 420 lbs
    • 1 x 1/8 dia. Pull back cable, 200 lbs
    • 5 x Anchor shackles, 600 lbs
    • 1 x Clutch lock assembly, 220 lbs
    • 1 x Pulley assembly, 210 lbs
    • 5 x Cable tie wrap, N/A


    • Infinite tile and locking adjustment
    • Available in black or silver finish
    • Standard and custom assemblies
    • Close factory cable length tolerances
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