Alteros GTX24-2 Wireless Beltpack Transmitter with GTX899 Lavalier


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  • Beltpack transmitter for the Alteros GTX digital wireless system, including an Audio-Technica manufactured AT899 lavalier microphone.

    The GTX Series provides professional-quality wireless without the need to coordinate frequencies and without causing interference or creating intermodulation products. The completely digital UWB pulse technology allows you to operate without a license, database registration or STAs in a portion of the RF spectrum that’s not subject to overcrowding or FCC repacking. And since the GTX Series emits less intentional radiation than the typical PC, you don’t have to worry about it interfering with surrounding signals, making it ideal for studio-to-studio operation.


    • Optional microphone with in-line talkback switch eliminates the need for a separate wired talkback box, allowing talent to easily speak to production people or use the talkback function as a momentary “cough switch”
    • Low, “real-time” latency (< 3 ms) suitable for demanding professional environments
    • 24-channel simultaneous operation
    • 24-bit/48 kHz professional audio performance, with no analog companding during transmission and full-frequency response (20–20,000 Hz) for excellent sound quality
    • Excellent dynamic range
    • Transmitter gain can be set via GUI controls on the GTX3224 or by the user on the GTX24 body-pack transmitter (settings are automatically updated and displayed on each)
    • Each system can be set to operate on a unique system ID. This prevents accidental reception and audio output between systems set up in two different locations/studios

    About Alteros GTX
    The product of seven years of dedicated research and development, during which it underwent real-world testing in conjunction with major broadcasters and wireless audio professionals, the GTX Series system offers several significant benefits. The GTX Series operates far beyond the UHF and VHF television bands, requires no frequency coordination, license, database registration or STA, and does not cause interference or create intermodulation products. The system is ideal for studio-to-studio operation since it emits less intentional radiation than the typical PC and will not interfere with surrounding signals.

  • GTX24 Specifications  
    Self Noise @ 0 dB gain -109 dBA
    Self Noise @ 20 dB gain -93 dBA
    Sensitivity @ 0 dB gain -48 dBV
    Sensitivity @ 20 dB gain -28 dBV
    Dynamic Range 109 dB (A-weighted, typical)
    SNR @ 0 dB gain 61 dBA
    SNR @ 20 dB gain 65 dBA
    Frequency Response 20 Hz - 20 KHz
    Impedance 250 Ohms
    DC Current 1.7 mA
    Total Harmonic Distortion <0.06% (-40 dBV input level)
    Operating Frequency Range 6250 MHz – 6750 MHz
    Tx Output Power 2 nW average
    Modulation none
    Emissions Designator 500 MN1W
    Battery Two 1.5V AA (not included)
    Battery Life 6 hours (alkaline)
    Depending on battery type and use pattern
    Core System Specifications  
    Operating Method UWB OOK
    Center frequency 6.500 GHz
    Simultaneous Receive Points 32
    Simultaneous Transmitters 24
    Audio Dynamic Range 24 bits
    Frequency Response 20 Hz – 20 kHz
    Latency <3 ms
    Audio Interface MADI/Dante/AES 67
    External Control Interface USB/Ethernet
    User Interface Touchscreen GUI
    Range (single RP line of sight) 90 feet
    Dynamic Range >109 dB (A-weighted, typical)
    Total Harmonic Distortion <0.06% (-40 dBV input level)
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