Ashly digiMIX 18 Compact Digital Mixing Console


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  • The digiMIX18 is the only live digital mixing solution in it’s price range that doesn’t rely on WiFi to mix! The digiMIX series of digital mixers give you complete control over your performance space. Whether you’re mixing live bands, a high school musical, a worship service, or recording in a project studio―there are many applications where digiMIX feels right at home.

    A usable interface means you don’t have to compromise.
    The Live Control Surface allows optimum control with real knobs and a live fader when selecting important functions. Simply select any channel to assign the fader to an individual channel and the intelligent meter bridge will not only display signal levels, but also all fader positions.

    Use the 7″ LCD touchscreen to navigate sub menus and toggle to various settings quickly and intuitively. Together, its the ideal mixing experience.

    Physical controls paired with touchscreen versatility is the best of both worlds.
    Use the free Ashly digiMIX iPad® App for remote control or for live performance or in a venue for fixed installation.

    Take advantage of EZ-Mode for users with no technical experience. Programmers can password-protect a very simple control interface that clients can easily understand and operate.

    Add a Dante® for network audio capability, or a USB option for multi-track recording.
    Use digiMIX as a command center to integrate throughout an entire venue or facility. Add an optional Dante® module to transmit and receive Dante network audio. Assign one or more channels of network audio to receive and integrate audio with any endpoint in the system. With a USB option interface, process 24-bit audio for recording with a computer.


    • 18 total inputs / 12 total output buses
    • Desktop mixer that is Rack-mountable (Rack rails included)
    • Optional, Dante® and USB digital I/O cards available with up to 30 digital outputs and 18 digital inputs
    • 16 premium discrete Ashly Class-A mic pre amplifiers (mic / line combo connectors)
    • 8 Auxiliary channels with dedicated outputs, Pre / Post modes, and individual assignment to main
    • Programmable, 48V power for all 16 mic pres with status LED button
    • Programmable, AutoMix mode for all 16 mic pre channels, individually assignable 1-16
    • Intelligent Meter Bridge that displays input level for channels 1-16 or channel volume fader position
    • 6 DCA / Mute groups both hardware and software programmable, mute status can be stored with DCA groups
    • Live Control Surface with precision-recall Alps® motorized 100mm fader for control of individual channels
    • Responsive, 7″ LCD color touchscreen with easy-to-use GUI
    • DSP Processing includes: Expander/Gate, Comp/Limiter, PEQ in all channels, 31-band GEQ in all AUX and main outputs
    • Up to 300ms of delay in all inputs and all outputs, useful for time alignment of inputs and outputs
    • Two stereo multi-effects processors: reverb, delay, chorus, and much more, up to 104 user program locations
    • Mute, Solo / Solo Clear, PFL, Stereo link, EQ Flat, Bypass and Sends mixer/routing edit and view
    • Free iPad® App for remote control, available in Apple App Store, (Same GUI as the digiMIX LCD screen)
    • EZ-Mode allows intuitive, safe, easy operation for the non-technical user, convenience and efficiency for the advanced user
    • CrossFade mode for dedicated AV-related applications, creative performance and presentations
    • Save / Load: Scene / DSP Channel, Multi-Effects and GEQ Programs, Copy function with selectable parameters
    • Lock with password protection, Fader calibration adjustment and LCD brightness control
    • Digital multi-channel bay that allows the use of of available (optional) Dante® and USB digital multi-channel I/O cards
  • Microphone Input Class-A Discrete Balanced, 7.3k Ohm Input Impedance
    Frequency Response to Main Output 20Hz – 20kHz, +0.0/-0.5dB
    Distortion (THD&N) to Main Output <0.01% at 0dBu, 20Hz – 20kHz
    Equivalent Input Noise -126dBu, unweighted, 20Hz – 20kHz, 150 Ohm source
    Gain (Trim) 0 dB – +50dB
    Maximum Input Level +20dBu, balanced
    Phantom Power +48VDC, 14mA per channel, assignable to channels 1-16
    Line Input Balanced, 75k Ohm Input Impedance
    Frequency Response to Main Output 20Hz – 20kHz at 0dBu, +0.0/-1.5dB
    Distortion (THD&N) to Main Output <0.01% at 0dBu, 20Hz – 20kHz
    Gain (Trim) -20dB – +30dB
    Maximum Input Level +20dBu
    TRS Insert (Ch 1-8 only) Unbalanced, Tip = Send, Ring = Return
    Maximum Output Level +20dBu, 120 Ohm Source Impedance
    Maximum Input Level +20dBu, 5.0k Ohm Input Impedance
    Stereo Line Inputs (Ch 17–18) Balanced 27k Ohm Input Impedance
    Frequency Response to Main Output 20Hz – 20kHz, +0.0/-0.05dB
    Distortion (THD&N) to Main Output <0.07% at 0dBu, 20Hz – 20kHz
    Gain -∞ to +10dB
    Input Level (Max) +20dBu
    Maximum Output Levels (240 Ohm source impedance)  
    Main Outputs (Max) Balanced XLR and TRS phone jack, +20dBu
    AUX 1–8 Outputs Pseudo-Balanced TRS phone jack, +20dBu
    Control Room Outputs Balanced TRS phone jack, +20dBu
    Residual Output Noise -88dBu (one mic input assigned at 0dB)
    -78dBu (all 16 mic inputs assigned at 0dB)
    -78dBu (all 18 inputs assigned at 0dB)
    Adjacent Channels (1kHz) -82dB
    Noise -70dB (Bus Noise, Adjacent Channels 20Hz – 20kHz)
    Channel DSP Functions  
    Polarity Invert (Inputs, main, AUX, FX) Per channel, On/Off
    Delay Time (Inputs, main, AUX, FX) Per channel, 0-300ms in 0.2 ms increments
    Noise Gate / Expander Inputs, FX Threshold Range -84dB – 0dBFS
    Attack time 0.5mS – 200mS
    Release time 10mS – 1,000mS
    Ratio 1:1 to ∞
    Compressor/Limiter Inputs, Main, AUX, FX Threshold Range -50dB – 0dBFS
    Attack time 10mS – 150mS
    Release time 10mS – 1,000mS
    Ratio 1:1 to ∞
    Gain 0dB – +24dB
    Parametric EQ (PEQ) Inputs, Main, AUX, FX Filter Type
    (EQ1, EQ2, EQ3, EQ4) Parametric, low shelf, high shelf
    Parametric Filters 20.6Hz – 20kHz, Q 0.4 – 24, boost/cut ±24dB
    Shelving Filters 20.6Hz – 20kHz, boost/cut ±24dB
    HPF and LPF 20.6Hz – 20kHz, 20 filter type
    HPF and LPF Filter Types Bypass, Butterworth (BW) 6dB/oct,
    Bessel (BS) 6dB/oct, BW 12dB/oct,
    BS 12dB/oct, Linkowitz/Riley (LR) 12dB/oct,
    BW 18dB/oct, BS 18dB/oct, BW 24dB/oct,
    BS 24dB/oct, LR 24dB/oct, BW 30dB/oct,
    BS 30dB/oct, BW 36dB/oct, BS 36dB/oct,
    LR 36dB/oct, BW 42dB/oct, BS 42dB/oct,
    BW 48dB/oct, BS 48dB/oct, LR 48dB/oct
    Graphic EQ (GEQ) Main, AUX Filter Type 31-band, Constant Q, boost/cut ±24dB
    FX FX input Sends from Ch 1-18, FX output Assigns to main L/R, AUX 1-8
    Effect Types Reverbs (3), delay (1200ms), tremolo, flange, chorus, combinations
    DSP Processing  
    A-D converter dynamic range 104dB, unweighted
    Internal processor 32-bit floating point
    D-A converter dynamic range 105dB, unweighted
    ADC/DAC bit depth and sampling rate 24-bit / 48kHz
    Latency 5.8mS, 1kHz, Analog input to analog output
    Mixer Features  
    Automixer (speech only) Gain-sharing type, individual assignment of channels 1-16
    Crossfade mode (system screen) Use pan control to fade between any two assigned inputs, outputs, or FX
    Stereo Link Inputs 1-16, aux outputs 1-8, paired only as 1-2, 3-4, 5-6 etc.
    DCA groups 6 groups, level, mute, solo
    Password Security Mixer lock, unlock, 4-character password, case sensitive
    Preset Types Scene (24), DSP channel (48), FX (104), GEQ (48)
    EZ-Mode Simplified individual fader adjust, ON/OFF, Icon assign
    EZ Mixer #1 Main, DCA 1-4, AUX 1-4, password lock
    EZ Mixer #2 Main, DCA 1-6, AUX 1-8, Ch 17-18, password lock
    Temperature Range Operating, free-air 41°F – 113°F (5°C – 45°C)
    Storage -4°F – 140°F (-20°C – 60°C)
    Power Requirements AC Mains 100-240VAC 50/60Hz, 120W MAX
    Software, Firmware and Drivers  
    iPad® Control Ashly digiMIX app for Apple iPad®, FREE from iTunes® App store
    Firmware Update digiMIX18 Firmware Utility for Windows® and Mac® (download from
    Preset Backup and Restore digiMIX18 Preset Utility for Windows® and Mac® (download from
    USB COM Device driver May be required when using digiMIX18 utilities via USB connection. (Separate Windows and Mac versions available on
    USB ASIO Device Driver Required for USB-3018 option when using Windows® audio program (download from, not required for Mac)
    Digital IN/OUT  
    Digital In, Channels 1-18  
    Pre-DSP On/Off, level control +10dB to -70dB, Off
    Digital Out, Channel 1-16  
    Selectable as group pre/post DSP On/Off, level control +10dB to -70dB, Off
    Digital Out, Channel 17-18, Main, AUX 1-8, Solo  
    Post-DSP On/Off, level control +10dB to -70dB, Off
    Weights and Dimensions  
    Unit Dimensions 19.3"L x 5.65"W x 14.0"H (486 x 144 x 356 mm)
    Shipping Dimensions 22.0"L x 8.15"W x 17.1"H (559 x 207 x 434 mm)
    Unit Weight 17.0 lbs (7.7kg)
    Shipping Weight 21.0 lbs (9.5kg)
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