ATI UB400B MatchMaker 4-Channel Unbalanced to Balanced Audio Converter


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  • Consumer audio equipment can offer unique features, good performance and attractive pricing making it very desirable for professional use. Unfortunately, RF pickup, ground coupled cross talk, high frequency roll off, hum loops and distortion are often the results of the direct connection of low level unbalanced IHF outputs into the 600 ohm balanced systems used in studio or broadcast environments. Consumer and semi-professional equipment can be identified by their use of RCA type connectors, typical of home hi-fi equipment, for their IHF inputs and outputs. Professional systems typically use XLR type connectors or hard-wired connections.

    The UB400B is a uni - directional four-channel interface that converts four IHF level signals into four balanced professional outputs. The UB400B is particularly useful in protecting the four, eight or sixteen main or monitoring IHF outputs of low cost mixers and tape decks. The UB400B is also a very low cost way to interconnect two CD players into a balanced system.

    Several of these can comfortably share a single external WA100 (included), 24VDC / 400mA. wall-mount AC/DC power supply. Check your dealer or a current price list for availability. Up to three of these products will mount side-by-side in only one rack unit using the available rack mounting kits. They may also be neatly stacked or mounted side-by-side on your desk with the available angled desk mounting kits.

    The BI100, UB400 and BU400B use rugged XLR type connectors for the balanced inputs and outputs. Gold plated RCA type jacks mate to the IHF world.

  • GAIN -14db nominal, -8db maximum. +14db nominal, +22db maximum. User adjustable for -10dBu (.25V)User adjustable to 0, +4 or +8dBm output with 0, +4 or +8dBm inputs output with -10dBu (.25V) input.
    NOMINAL LEVELS +4dBm input, -10dBu (.25V) out -10dBu (.25V) in, +4dBm out.
    PEAK LEVELS +22dBm in, +8dBu (2.0V) out +8dBu (2.0V) in, +22dBm out.
    NOISE 20kHz B.W.: -90dBu maximum output -80dBm maximum output.
    HARMONIC DISTRIBUTION .02% Max at Peak Level .02% max. at Peak Level 20Hz to 20kHz .005% max. at Nominal Level .005% max. at Nominal Level
    FREQUENCY RESPONSE +.25dB, 20 to 20,000Hz +.25dB, 20 to 20,000 Hz.
    CROSSTALK 70dB minimum at 10kHz 70db minimum at 10kHz.
    INPUT IMPEDANCE Balanced, 20kohm bridging Unbalanced 10,000 ohms.
    OUTPUT IMPEDANCE Unbalanced, 1500 ohms max. Zs. Balanced, 40 ohms maximum.
    DIMENSION 1.5"H by 5.5"W by 5.75"D; Weight: 1.5 Lbs.
    CONNECTORS XLR (balanced input/outputs) & RCA phono jacks (unbalanced input/outputs).
    POWER 24VDC @ .07A - BI100 & UB400, 24VDC @ .04A - BU400, Connector sleeve is positive.
    POWER SUPPLIES All units require 24VDC power supply, which is ordered separately. They can share a single supply-using loop thru DC cable (P/N 20602-1). Do not exceed rated supply current.
    WARRANTY Limited, One Year Warranty
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