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Attero Tech unD4I-L Dante 4 Input Interface with Logic I/O (Symnet Control Compatible)


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  • The unD4I-L four input Dante interface is the ideal device for adding mic / line inputs to a Dante system. The addition of four logic inputs and four logic outputs allows easy interface with microphone switches and indicator LEDs. The unD4I-L features four balanced mic / line inputs, each with software selectable +48V phantom power and 8 gain levels. Front panel indicators show each channel’s gain and phantom power status for easy troubleshooting. The unD4I-L has two network connections to allow Dante Daisy Chaining. Dante Daisy Chaining further simplifies system infrastructure wiring by allowing multiple unD4I-Ls to use a single CAT 5 home run connection to a network switch. Power can also be daisy chained. The unD4I-L is powered by either external +24VDC or any PoE network switch. All adjustable parameters, like mic / line gain and phantom power, are software controlled.

    Front Panel: Gain and Phantom Power Status LEDs - Shows the gain / pad setting and phantom power status for each of the four input channels. Power / ID LED - Indicates power when the unit is on, and blinks in response to a software command for unit identification.

    Rear Panel: Mic / Line Inputs 1-4 - Balanced and RF filtered inputs. Gains of 0dB, +15dB, +30dB, +45dB (without the Pad), and -12dB, +3dB, +18dB, and +33dB (with the Pad) are selectable via software. +48V phantom power is also selectable via software. RJ-45 Ethernet Connectors - The left RJ-45 connects to an Ethernet switch (PoE or non-PoE) and also provides the DDC input for daisy chained units. The right RJ-45 provides DDC out to daisy chained units. +24VDC Input - Allows the unD4I-L to be powered if a PoE Ethernet switch is not used. Power Link In/Out - Allows DC power to be daisy chained between multiple units. Logic Inputs 1-4 - Allows external contact closures to be sensed and UDP messages to be triggered to external devices. Logic Outputs 1-4 - Allows LEDs and other low current devices to be driven based on UDP messages from external devices.


    • 4 balanced and RF filtered mic / line inputs on 3-pin depluggable connectors
    • 8 mic / line gains to accommodate any analog input level. Gain is individually adjustable per channel via software
    • 802.3af compliant PoE powered to work with any compliant PoE network switch, or an external +24VDC supply
    • +48V Phantom power switchable per channel via software
    • ID function of the Power LED allows easy identification of the unD4I-L with which Attero Tech’s Unify software is communicating
    • Dante Daisy Chaining allows multiple unD4I-Ls to be connected over a single home-run to the Ethernet switch
    • Four Logic Inputs accept dry contact closure, opto, or open collector inputs and can send UDP status messages to connected DSPs or control
    • Four Logic Outputs with source / sink capability for LEDs
  • Mic / Line Input Type

    Balanced and RF filtered

    Phantom Power

    +48V, software selectable

    Input Impedence

    >1.8K ohms at any gain setting

    Mic / Line Gain

    0dB, +15dB, +30dB, and +45dB, all software selectable. 12dB pad, software selectable

    Equivalent Input Noise

    -115dBu (+45dB gain)

    Frequency Response

    20Hz - 20kHz, +/-1dB

    Dimensions 8.32” W x 1.50” H x 4.74”
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