Audessence Model A7020/30B Extreme Precision VHF-UHF Directional Coupler


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  • Measure VHF and UHF transmission signals with extreme precision. These directional couplers allow directional sampling of Forward and Refelected RF signals on antenna feeder lines. Verify compliance with ofcom, FCC, or other national telecommunications regulator's specifications for radiated power, harmonics and spurious emissions easily, accurately and repeatably. Also an essential tool for solving interference problems on shared sites, able to demonstrate that spurious emissions are not being generated in the system they are monitoring.


    • 3kW peak power handling through main line at 108MHz
    • No notches in frequency response of test outputs up to 3GHz
    • Test Ports Directivity >30dB
    • Test ports coupling: flat +/- 0.5dB from 400MHz to 3GHz


    • Much wider notch-free frequency range than competing products
    • Immediate integration - same connectors as older products
    • Drives down costs and exceeds technical specifications


    • VHF - FM Band II Broadcast transmission systems – Code compliance
    • VHF and UHF PMR and utility radio communication systems
    • LPTV UHF TV broadcast transmission systems
    • RF / transmitter & regulatory engineer’s portable test equipment
  • Useful Frequency Range 30MHz to 3GHz
    Return Loss (Main line) at 108MHz <-28dBr 30MHz – 3GHz, typ -35dB at 100MHz
    VSWR (Main line) at 108MHz <1.06:1
    Return Loss (Test Ports) at 108MHz <-30dBr
    VSWR (Test Ports) at 108MHz <1.06:1
    Power (main line) 3kW peak, 1500W average at 108MHz. (recommend not to employ N-type connectors long-term at more than 750 Watts at 108MHz)
    Test Port Flatness in range 87.5 to 108 MHz +0.9dB / – 0.7dB
    Typical coupling factors

    @ 30 MHz -53.7dBr

    @ 98 MHz -42.9dBr

    @ 200 MHz -37.2dBr

    @ 300 MHz -34.1dBr

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