Avantone CV-28 3-Pattern Small Diaphragm Tube Condenser Microphone with Shock Mount and Flight Case


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  • The AVANTONE CV-28 3-Pattern Tube Microphone w/ interchangeable 19mm gold sputtered thin Mylar capsule assemblies and Military-grade -15 dB pad & 80 Hz LF roll off switches is truly a gorgeous looking and sounding microphone. The design, character and performance is comparable to some of the fine vintage tube mics of the 1950's & 1960's"_but at a fraction of their cost!

    Our rugged CV-28 microphone body and capsule assembly are precision machined of BRASS. Aesthetically, it features an elegant Cabernet Wine-Red finish, accented with polished nickel trim and grill. The transformer coupled tube circuitry offers a modern-day, affordable solution to the desire to capture the character of famous European and American vintage designs. Any studio can proudly offer the CV-28 as a primary acoustic instrument mic"_It exudes class visually as well as sonically.

    Standard Items Supplied:
    • AVANTONE CV-28 Tube Microphone
    • AVANTONE Custom Retro Shockmount
    • AVANTONE PS-28 Proprietary Power supply with cables
    • Elegant padded genuine wooden Mic box
    • 3 Interchangeable 19mm Capsules ( Cardioid, Omni, Hyper-Cardioid)
    • Padded Aluminum storage / travel case
    • Owners Manual

    Manufactured using the finest materials yielding a very solid feel, superb structural integrity and rugged reliability. The versatile CV-28 mic is able to produce professional results with a warm, pleasing sonic character. The included Custom Retro Shockmount is superb in allowing a precise positioning of the mic while inhibiting the transfer of unwanted vibrations up into the mic. This isolation allows for superior professional results.

    Uses Include: Acoustic guitar, mandolin, drum overheads, percussion, piano mic, etc"_


    Avant Electronics is a creative vehicle, enabling our core team to bring to market the things we see as missing in the industry"_. This can be as simple as a certain price point we feel should be met to give excellent quality for reasonable pricing. At other times, it may be an item that simply does not exist until we build it. We design from the heart and look for niche items to create. We don't use the shotgun approach in creating a product line. Each and every product we create has passion and purpose behind it, whether it costs $15 or $1000


    We do 100% Inspection of our mics right here in sunny Southern California. Most of our competition skips over this entirely or at best run "spot-checks". This takes us extra time "_ but we want to do it"_. We care!


    What it all boils down to is TONE ! Yes, Music must be written, performed, and produced well, but the right tones are that ever-elusive grail we all seek in music production. We spend a great deal of time & engineering effort making sure that our products are useful tools in helping engineers and songwriters get the tone they seek.


    It is our belief that great audio products can be created without charging thousands of dollars for them. We are very sensitive to the real-world operating budgets of studios as well as the struggling artist/songwriters who are very passionate about creating great music but have budget limitations based on common sense spending.

    We strive to offer products that anyone would be proud to own and have long-term use of in the quest for creating great music. The bottom line for us is that we'd much rather help thousands of people further their career in music through the use of our affordable products than sell a handful of $10,000 boutique mics or other similar high cost products.

    We make marketing and budgeting decisions that allow us to keep our prices low while maintaining "Affordable Excellence". We believe in our products' value and know the power of "word-of-mouth" advertising. When you see how good our products are we know you will tell others!


    There has been a disturbing, and annoying, trend in the music business over the years that we will not participate in. Some manufacturers release list prices on their products that are ridiculously high"_ then leave it to their dealers to "get as much as they can" from customers in the form of varying discounts based on the relationship or buying power of the customer. We think that is frustrating to the end-users. We establish a fair price that anyone can buy for, whether they are rock star millionaires or a customer buying his first really nice mic. Our products are already pre-discounted to a pro-deal level.


    One thing you will find consistent in all our products is the attention to design. Performance comes first of course, but we spend a great deal of design time creating visually attractive products because we enjoy classic, timeless designs and feel that others do too. We are very serious and passionate about this... We design products to please ourselves first and believe us "_ We are picky folks!


    Most of our competition offers a one to three year warranty. We provide a 5-Year Warranty because we want to"_ We could have done a 3 year or less but we want to stand behind our products to offer the customer peace-of-mind, trust and security with their purchase.

  • Type

    Tube-type Condenser
    Polar Pattern/s3 patterns via interchangeable capsules (Omni, Cardioid , Hyper-Cardioid)
    Frequency Response 20-20,000 Hz +/- 3dB
    Output Impedance<=250 Ohms / transformer isolated
    Maximum SPL136dB (0.5% THD @1000Hz)
    Sensitivity20mV/Pa – 34dB
    Equivalent noise level 17dB
    Output ConnectorMale XLR 7 pin w/ special power supply & cables
    Included AccessoriesPadded  Wooden Box, Shockmount , Metal road case
    Tube TypeSelect Military-Grade  6J1B
    High-Pass SwitchHigh-Grade 80 Hz 6dB/octave Switch
    Attenuation SwitchHigh-Grade -15dB Switch
    Power RequirementDedicated PS-28 POWER SUPPLY w/switchable 115/230VAC Capability
    FinishPolished Nickel trim / Metallic Cabernet Red Body
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