Bubblebee Industries BBI-L02-BK Outdoor Lavalier Windscreen


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  • The BBI02 is built for microphones with a diameter of 5.0 mm to 8.0 mm. Fits models such as Sanken: Cos-11 (with metal windscreen); Countryman: B3; dPa: 4060 (without metal windscreen); or Sennheiser: mke 2.

    Why Bubblebee Wind Bubbles:

    • The frequency through the windbubble is very close to the microphone's natural sound.
    • The wind reduction is an industry-best, thanks to the bubble-effect in the construction. Because of this, most wind doesn't even get inside the windbubble. The wind that does manage to enter finds its way out again - without ruining the frequency response.
    • Windbubbles stay on the microphone once you've put them on!
    • Clothing-noises is reduced remarkably. due to our choice of the finest possible material.
    • They are gorgeous!
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