Canare L-4E6S Star Quad Microphone Cable (Orange/200 Meter Spool)


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  • The premier Star Quad cable (in orange) from Canare is perfect for all handheld microphone applications. Other uses include portable applications, audio rack wiring, PA systems, and audio patch cords. Star Quad provides you with four 21 AWG wires, that act as two conductors. In a balanced line, instead of using one conductor for your Positive and Negative terminal, Star Quad supplies each terminal with two conductors. This creates a more reliable connection. Insulation and a braided copper shield surround the conductors, which is then housed in a flexible, satin smooth to the touch jacket. This extra strong cable fits perfectly in all XLR-type audio connectors. When tested along with other high end cable, Canare's Star Quad rejects more EMI and RFI noise. To eliminate breakage, forty separate strands are used in each conductor.

    Available in 10 beautiful matte finish color jackets.


    • Braided Copper Shield
    • Flexible in Extreme Cold Weather
    • Cross Linked PE Insulation
    • Reduced Handling Noise
    • Rejects EMI and RFI
  • Standard Length 656 ft
    (200 m)
    1000 ft
    (305 m)
    Weight Per Standard Length 24 lbs
    (11 kg)
    35 lbs
    (16 kg)
    Nominal Outside Diameter .236 in
    (6.00 mm)
    Jacket Nominal Thickness PVC
    .044 in
    (1.12 mm)
    Brittle Point -56 F
    (-49 C)
    No. of Conductors 4
    2 Blue
    Insulation Type, Thickness IPE
    15.7 mil
    Cond-AWG (Qty./mil)
    Cross Section Area mil.²
    AC - #24
    Pitch Twist Quad .79 in
    (20 mm)
    Shield Coverage >95% TAC Braid
    Conductor DCR <29.9 ohms/1000 ft
    (<9.8 ohms/100 m)
    Shield DCR <9.1 ohms/1000 ft
    (<3.0 ohms/100 m)
    Nominal Capacitance (Conductor to Conductor) 150 ohms
    Nominal Capacitance (Conductor to Shield) 185 ohms
    Nominal Impedance 44 ohms
    Nominal Attentuation 0.9 V/1000 ft
    (0.3 V/100 m)
    Group Delay Time 1.80 ns/ft
    (5.9 ns/m)
    Colors Black, Blue, Brown, Gray, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, White, Yellow
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