Canare MR202-16AT 16-Channel Microphone Snake Cable (100 Meter Spool)


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  • A practical, 100% foil shielded multichannel audio snake cable for general purpose studio applications. Each individually isolated channel consists of 2 twisted conductors under an easy-to-strip PVC jacket extruded over a foil shield and drain wire.  The color striped PVC channel jacket alleviates the need to use costly shrink tubing.  Surprisingly flexible, this multichannel cable is perfect for control room layout and interfacing between equipment racks, audio patchbays, mixers and tape decks.


    • Foil Shield with Drain Wire 
    • Variety of Channel Counts


    • Microphones
    • Audio Rack Wiring 
    • Recording Suites
    • Post Production
  • Standard Length 328 ft
    (100 m)
    656 ft
    (200 m)
    No. of Channels (Pairs) 16
    No. of Conductors (2 Per Channel) 32
    Weight Per Standard Length 57 lbs
    (26 kg)
    Nominal Outside Diameter .551 in
    (14.0 mm)
    PVC Jacket Nominal Thickness .047 in
    (1.2 mm)
    Brittle Point -4 F
    (-20 C)
    Channel Outside Diameter .106 in
    (2.7 mm)
    Channel Jacket Nominal Thickness 11.8 mil
    Insulation Type, Thickness IPE
    9.1 mil
    Cross Sec. Area
    AC - #25
    Pitch Of Pairs <.99 in
    (<25 mm)
    Shield Coverage 100%
    Drain Wire #25 AWG
    <32.5 ohms/1000 ft
    (<10.7 ohms/100 m)
    Nominal Capacitance (Conductor to Conductor) 76 ohms
    Nominal Capacitance (Conductor to Shield) 142 ohms
    Colors Black
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