Dorrough 280-D192-XLR Two Channel Digital Meter 32-192KS XLRS


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  • The Dorrough 280-D192-XLR two channel digital meter accepts AES / EBU signals. Any consumer or professional format is automatically detected. This includes audio words of 16 to 24 bits in length and sampling rates of 32, 44.1, 48, 96, and 192 kbs. External power supply included. Rack adapters and custom desktop boxes available.

    The Dorrough Loudness Meter gives you a much more accurate picture of the actual energy content of audio program material than conventional metering. By simultaneously displaying two ballistics, the Dorrough Loudness Meter shows you the relationship between average and peak. You need only adjust the program level until either the peak or persistence reference is reached. This will result in the maximum level, regardless of program content. Material with or without compression can easily be matched for the same listening level.

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