Earthworks IMBL30 Omni Boundary Installation Microphone (Stainless Steel)


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  • Includes LumiComm LED Ring. The Earthworks IMB Series boundary microphones are designed for permanent installation in ceilings and tabletops for conferencing and other speech applications.


    • Only 1.4375 inch (3.6cm) in diameter
    • Available in black, white, silver or stainless finish
    • True Semisphere™ polar pattern
    • 30kHz flat frequency response
    • More gain before feedback
    • Near perfect polar pattern
    • Primary applications include teleconferencing, distance learning, surveillance, boardrooms, government facilities, and ambient room miking


    When capturing every word is critical, the IMB boundary microphones are the most reliable omnidirectional miking solution. Optimized for speech, the IMB microphones feature a flat frequency response out to 30kHz that delivers the highest level of speech intelligibility and articulation. This means less straining to understand the words being spoken due to poor audio quality, so more time can be spent understanding the message being transmitted.

    The IMB microphone always reproduces the speaker’s voice with incredible clarity and intelligibility due to the near-perfect polar pattern across all frequencies. This wider coverage also means that fewer Earthworks microphones are required to properly cover a conference room, cutting down on the number of channels of DSP, cables and other ancillary equipment required for the system. Compatible with all DSP systems that provide 24-48V phantom power, the IMB microphones can easily integrate into existing system designs or new installations.

    Incorporating a unique filter that significantly reduces low frequency table thumping, HVAC noise and paper shuffling, the IMB microphones do not exhibit the problems common with conventional boundary microphones.

    The dual-color LumiComm™ light ring and touch sensor output found in the IMBL30 models allows integrators to program the microphone’s function and LED color, such as assigning a red LED color for the microphone being muted.

    Designed with aesthetics in mind, the IMB microphones provide a discrete miking solution thanks to their diminutive size. The IMB30 microphone flange measures just over 1.4 inches (36.5mm) wide and 0.125 inches (3.2mm) tall. The IMBL30 LumiComm™ model flange measures just under 1.6 inches (40.5mm) wide and 0.35 inches (8.8mm) tall, mounting flush into the tabletop or ceiling for a low profile appearance.

    The IMB microphones are available with or without the LumiComm™ Touch Ring. Black, white and silver finishes are available.

  • Frequency Response 60Hz to 30kHz ±2dB at 45 degrees incidence to the surface
    Integrated Low Cut Filter Attenuation -15 dB at 60Hz
    Polar Pattern True Semisphere™
    Sensitivity 60mV/Pa
    Power Requirements 24 – 48V Phantom, 10mA
    Max Acoustic Input 136dB SPL
    Output XLR-3 (pin 2+)
    Output Impedance 65 balanced
    Min Output Load 1K between pins 2 & 3
    Noise 19.5 dBA (Typical)
    IMBL Light Ring Connector Phoenix or RJ45
    IMBL Light Ring Voltage 8-28VDC @ 85-170mA
    IMBL Light Ring Activation Momentary Digital Pulse
    Microphone Color Black, White or Silver
    Weight 0.28 lbs (125g)
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