Greenlee 8000 Crimpall 8000 Ergonomic Crimp Tool / Frame


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  • Everyone likes to work with a tool that feels comfortable and completes the job easily. With the ergonomic CrimpALL, you can make high-quality single-handed mechanical crimps fast and easy. Its interchangeable die system makes it a low-cost solution for crimping coaxial connectors onto wire and cable. Contractors and installers use it for multiple applications including high-speed telecommunications such as T1 and DSX, CATV, satellite TV connectors and cellular telephone tower connection.

    Built for long-term use, the sturdy and compact CrimpALL tool is designed to achieve maximum comfort, reliability and durability. Precision manufacturing guarantees a uniform product of high accuracy that's designed to crimp to manufacturer specifications manually. Cable types include coaxial and multi-shielded coax cable. Connector types include coaxial BNC, TNC, N-type, CATV F and mini-UHF. Some of the most popular coaxial and mini-coax connectors include Trompeter, ADC, Kings, Amphenol and many more connector manufacturers. This tool is intended to maximize productivity by minimizing operator fatigue and discomfort. Solvent-resistant, soft rubber-embedded handles provide a comfortable grip. Its ergonomic angled head prevents bending of the wrist during operation. Smaller grips on handles with reduced closure distance make operation easier for small hands. You get higher crimp force with lower hand force applications. Not just comfortable to use, this ergonomic design makes the CrimpALL ideal for use in high-production environments.

    Paladin's improved ratchet and gear system provide no-breakover force operation. These features guarantee that the user makes the same exact crimp every time. Fine-blanking manufacturing of frame ensures longer life. The double-plated jaw assembly eliminates crimp jaw bends for increased life span. A quick-release trigger disconnects ratcheting after a crimp has been initiated. Use this safety release to open the tool before the crimp cycle is complete to prevent a faulty crimp.

    Tool (frame only) and interchangeable die sets must be ordered separately. EZi-Change Thumb Screws simplify die change. With a die set installed, the tool weighs 21 ounces. In fully closed position, it measures 9.84" x 3.15" x 1.26". Top handle length is 5_8" while the bottom handle is 6.2" long. Five-year warranty for manufacturer's and quality defects only.

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