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Merging Technologies Pyramix 14 Premium - Digital Audio Workstation Software (Upgrade from 25th Anniversary)

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For registered owners of Pyramix Premium 25th Anniversary Edition. This is the flagship Pyramix. The perfect pack for those who decided to fully embrace no-compromise audio in order to focus their full attention onto the emotions of the music. This is the one pack that enables professionals to d... Read More

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For registered owners of Pyramix Premium 25th Anniversary Edition.

This is the flagship Pyramix. The perfect pack for those who decided to fully embrace no-compromise audio in order to focus their full attention onto the emotions of the music. This is the one pack that enables professionals to deliver the masterpiece to music aficionados "en masse" (for example in Dolby Atmos). Pyramix PREMIUM integrates with the biggest and most powerful controllers in the market, so it is very easy to maximise investments already made in your studio.

Pyramix Premium Features:


  • Pow-r Redithering
  • CD Mastering and CD Import
  • DDP Creation
  • Super Audio CD Authoring and Disc Builder


  • Pyramix Virtual Studio Core Plugins
  • Final Check (Loudness, PPM, True Peak Metering)
  • ZTX Time and Pitch Manipulation
  • Flux Verb Full Reverb
  • Ambisonic encoding, decoding, mixing, and playout
  • Next-generation audio mixing and rendering (objects / beds / ambisonic)
  • Dolby Atmos renderer support


  • Source-Destination Editing


  • AAF / OMF
  • Advanced Interchange (Sonic Solutions / Open TL Import / FCP XML / AES31)

Remote Control:

  • Video / TC Synchronization (Requires hardware)
  • Machine control - RS422 remote / master (Requires hardware)
  • GPI/O Support: Requires I/O CON-SGU-1608/1616, CON-SEA-1802e, or Anubis
  • Oasis Economy Class (HUI, Avid S1/Dock)
  • Oasis Business Class (Avid S3)
  • Oasis First Class (Avid S4 / S5 / S6 / S5-MC, StageTec, and more)


  • Single Video Track with MXF Option
  • Multiple Video Tracks
  • Single Pro Video output with Blackmagic Design hardware


  • ADR Toolkit

Pyramix is a digital audio workstation used by professional studios and engineers the world over for music production, mastering, TV and film post-production. Pyramix, in combination with its networked audio interfaces offers the only end to end solution on the market to produce music digitally with an audio format that sounds like analog to humans.

It enables music producers to give no compromise to their music throughout the whole production chain, and give them all the tools needed for a broad outreach including latest Next Generation Audio streaming formats such as Dolby Atmos.

Merging Technologies has worked with companies such as Flux Audio to bring into Pyramix astounding plugins available in any resolution and at near zero latencies.

Dolby Atmos Renderer Support
Pyramix 14 brings in the next level of production for Dolby Atmos®. Developed hand in hand with renowned pioneers of immersive audio and Dolby Laboratories, our new workflow is designed to streamline production, mixing, mastering and re-mastering.

Pyramix 14 allows you to focus on your mix while handling the most powerful Dolby Atmos Renderer automatically for you behind the scenes. No need to scratch your head with complex I/O pages and export windows anymore.

Merging Technologies' focus has always been in sound quality and integrity, from capture to deliveries in all required formats. They seek to streamline the creative and decision process while giving users all necessary functions to allow them to keep in full control and confidence of their work. This mantra has made Pyramix a worldwide reference for recording, mixing and mastering.

When embarking on the Dolby Atmos adventure, Merging's commitment has been exactly the same: quality, integrity, streamlining and control.

Whether you are starting a production from scratch or importing existing content from other DAWs, give your sound the best Dolby Atmos sound it deserves. Look no further than Pyramix 14.

Did you think it wasn't possible to have low latency in a computer?
Analog sound isn't just about sonic character, but also about immediacy. Electricity travels at 300 million meters per second and this is what you need to provide a musician with for a great performance. Merging Technologies developed the MassCore engine which allows your DAW to behave in real time. MassCore can be added to any Pyramix or Ovation system and brings in massive extra power, I/Os and ultra low latency.

Pyramix not only provides the most transparent analog-like DAW, it also provides you with cutting edge editing tools, such as the very unique source/destination mode which allows editing of huge multi track recordings at the speed of light just like it was a simple mono track.

Pyramix has rightfully earned its place as one of the only solutions for quality mastering for every format. The ability to process and deliver almost any file format, advanced album publishing features, Hepta SRC algorithm, full ISRC code editing, full CD/SACD authoring toolkits and Dolby Atmos® are just a few of the reasons why the world's top mastering suites use Pyramix every day.

Live recording of unique occasions can be a stressful business so it is reassuring to know that many of the leading location recording specialists use Pyramix. Major sporting events or one-off gigs have to be captured without loss and Pyramix has a host of features that ensure a quick result, as well as eliminating many of the risk factors associated with using DAWs on location. RAVENNA/AES67 connectivity makes back-up recording easy to set up and the high track count makes sure that all the sources can be managed.

Musicians demand perfection in their recorded performances, so the fact that the vast majority of concert halls and opera houses have Pyramix in-house tells a story. Countless Grammy Awards have gone to classical engineers and producers who demand the very best editing features. Take logging on the session is only one of the items that speeds up the process of assembling multiple takes, but source and destination editing, crossfade tools and a comprehensive DSD workflow makes Pyramix the only practical choice.

Complex recording projects may require a lot of tracks to ensure that everything is captured perfectly. Higher sample rates reduce the number of tracks available but if you use Pyramix, you are ahead of the game. The performance of Pyramix Native is impressive but MassCore takes it far beyond the competition with 384 ins/outs at 1FS and 48 at DSD and DXD rates.

There is no substitute for recording at the highest possible resolution. Even if the final delivery format is at a different rate, having a pristine recording for posterity should be the goal. Pyramix has been pushing the boundaries since the beginning. DSD has been one of the options since the earliest days of SACD and now the adoption of RAVENNA has made DSD256 a reality. DXD was jointly developed by Merging and Philips so they understand the technology. The best Sample Rate Converter in the business ensures that your recording will sound magnificent at whatever rate you want.

Latency is unavoidable in digital audio processing but keeping it to the minimum is an essential part of the design process. Pyramix Native performs impressively with our ASIO driver and one of Merging's Networked Audio Interface units. MassCore take this to another level with low to extra-low latencies from Live in to Live out. That is the Merging difference.

Recording on location used to involve truck loads of gear. Recording devices have progressively shrunk over time but other items remained just as large. Capturing the recording on a laptop computer is a normal thing now, but you still have a ton of cable and microphone stands to carry around. Or you did until AoIP came to the rescue. Merging was one of the first to introduce powerful, but portable I/O solutions that just needed one Cat 5e cable. That meant the dream of carrying a whole recording rig on a plane or in a car became reality. RAVENNA ensures that the highest quality can be recorded easily on a portable rig. You still have the microphone stands but the rest of it fits in your suitcase!

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