MG Chemicals 404B-340G Contact Cleaner with Lubrication Silicones - 340 Grams

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  • Cleans and protects with electronic grade silicones for lubrication. Suitable for use on tuners, switches, locks, contacts, office equipment, keyboards, plastic parts, mold releases, battery terminals, ignition systems, rubber gaskets, and telescoping antennas. This contact cleaner should be used on contacts in harsh or dusty environments. It cleans with a unique blend of high purity solvents and protects your contacts with a dry electronic grade silicone lubrication. With a dry lubricant, it is able to repel moisture in humid environments and not attract dust.

    • Safe on plastics and elastomers
    • 100% Ozone safe
    • Variable valve allows user to control rate of flow
    • Flammable - do not use on live circuits
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