Mogami WA 2552 High Quality Mic/Line Audio Cable (Black / 656 Foot Spool)


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  • Price is for a 200 meter (656 foot) spool of audio cable. A specially developed high performance yet economical low impedance balanced microphone cable. This cable is small in size and the special rubber - like PVC jacket is extremely flexible and exhibits good resistance to rough handling and abrasion. High grade insulation material is designed to minimize heat shrinkage during soldering which allows easy termination to XLR type connectors. With overall shield.

    Mogami has been the top choice for wiring professional recording studios for decades. Recording engineers have come to depend on Mogami's superior sound quality, clarity, silent background, and consistent quality. Mogami is so widely used that if you have commercially recorded music, chances are overwhelmingly good that Mogami is part of the vital signal chain.

  • No. of Conductors 2
    Details 12/0.12 A T250D 3
    Size(mm ) 0.135mm2 (#26AWG)
    Overall Diameter (mm) 1.5 (0.059")
    Material XLPE( Cross-Linked Polyethylene )
    Colors Red/Clear
    Served Shield Approx. 70/0.12A
    Overall Diameter (mm) 5.0 (0.197")
    Material Flexible PVC
    Colors Black
    Roll Sizes 50 m (164Ft)
    100m (328Ft)
    Weight per 200m Roll 7.5 kg
    DC Resistance at 20  
    Inner Conductor 0.14 /m(0.043 /Ft)
    Shield 0.024 /m(0.007 /Ft)
    Capacitance at 1kHz, 20 ( Partial C. Value ) K0: 90pF/m(27 pF/Ft)
    K1: 10pF/m(3pF/Ft)
    Inductance between conductors at 1kHz, 20 0.8 H/m (0.24 H/Ft)
    Electrostatic Noise 50 mV Max
    Electromagnetic Noise 0.15 mV Max
    Microphonics at 50k Load 30 mV Max
    Voltage Breakdown Must withstand at DC 500V/15 sec
    Insulation Resistance 105 M m Min. at DC 125 V, 20
    Flex Life 11,000 cycles
    Tensile Strength 421 N
    Emigration Non-Emigrant to ABS
    Applicable Temperature -20 ~ + 70 (-4 F~ + 158 F)
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