Oxmoor RC-16 Remote Volume Control for DCA-2T Attenuator


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  • The RC-16 is our rotary remote control for use with our DCA-2T digital control attenuator. Features Virtual Pointer display. The rotary knob will turn continuously without mechanical stops. Uses six-pin RJ-11 (modular phone plug) connections. Requires two-gang mounting plate.

  • Control
    TypeIncremental Rotary Bi-phase Encoder with Quadrature-to-Pulse Conversion Circuit
    Light-Emitting DiodesMultiplexed Display Refreshed at Line Frequency Rate by Serial Data Burst. One of 16 Concentric Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) is illuminated as a Virtual Pointer
    Control Loop
    Maximum Controls Per Channel4
    Maximum Channels Per Control Loop64
    Maximum Cable Length600m (2000 ft)1
    Contact RequirementsSingle-Pole Switch or Open Collector Transistor (128 mA capacity), Dry Closure to Logic Ground
    Wiring SchemeDaisy-Chained Connection Via Looping Jacks
    Cable and Connectors6-Wire Modular Telephone type RJ-11/12
    Key SwitchSingle-Pole Dry Closure, 25 mA Capacity
    Safety ListingCity Of Los Angeles
    Front Dimensions578 mm (2.28 in) Square;203 mm (0.8 in) Above Panel Surface
    Rear Dimensions533 mm (2.1 in) Diameter;406 mm (1.6 in) Below Front Panel Surface
    Maximum Mounting Panel Thickness9.6 mm (0.38 in)
    Minimum Required Depth437 mm (1.72 in) Below Front Panel Surface Including Connectors
    FinishMatte Black Injection Molded High-Impact Plastic Escutcheon and Knob. Black Painted Can
    Shipping454 grams (1.0 lb)
    Net114 grams (0.25 lb)
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