Rascal Audio Two-V Dual Channel Transformer 500 Series Mic Preamp Module


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  • The Two-V couples discrete, class-A gain blocks together with all-new transformer designs in a unique yet simple gain arrangement designed to maximize tonal control for people who want maximum creativity. The cumulative minimum gain provided by these amp blocks, together with the passive step-up of the input and output transformers, is 40dB (which is, therefore, Two-V's lowest available gain setting). Lower overall settings can be had by using the INPUT control to attenuate incoming signal level. This may seem an odd approach to some folks, but this approach is not unusual for vintage-style designs, and in fact, this concept was used on the most famous class-A British designs of the 1970's (and by everyone who clones those designs today). In that design the pad network was part of the gain switch assembly. Though the TWO-V adheres to similar functionality it provides far greater creative power simply by separating gain and attenuation duties into separate controls. As such the GAIN switch on the TWO-V varies only the amount of actual gain produced by the circuit while its INPUT and OUTPUT controls provide continuously variable attenuation at two critical points within the signal path.

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