Rolls MO2020 Test Tone Oscillator Sweepable from 20 Hz to 24 KHz


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  • The MO2020 provides a sine and square wave output on two 1/4 jacks. The frequency range is variable from 20Hz to 24kHz, it accepts a 1.2 to 5 volt dc input on a 1/4 jack for external frequency control, and a 10 dB Output Pad is included to provide a -10 dB reference signal.

    • Freququency range from 20Hz to 24kHz
    • 1/4 unbalanced Outputs
    • Sine and Square wave outputs
    • -10 dB pad for referencing
    • Power Loop-Through for connection to additional unit

    FRONT PANEL:Output Pad: When depressed, the output level is dropped by 10 dB.;Frequency: Varies the frequency generated by the MO2020 from 20Hz to24kHz. ;Sine Level: Controls the output level of the Sine Out jack.;SQR Level: Controls the output level of the SQR (square) Out jack.

    REAR PANEL: (Labeling for the rear panel is located on the top of the unit) VCO Input: 1/4" jack for connection to a Voltage Control source which may vary from 1.2 volts to 5 volts dc. This voltage allows for external control of the MO2020's frequency. THE FREQUENCY CONTROL MUST BE SET TO MAXIMUM FOR PROPER OPERATION OF THE VCO CONTROL.

    Sine Out: 1/4" unbalanced jack containing the sine wave signal.;SQR Out: 1/4" unbalanced jack containing the square wave signal.;DC Loop: Paralleled power jack for connection to another MO2020.;DC In: For connection to the included Rolls power supply.

  • Output Level+11 dB Sine;+14 dB Square
    Output Impedance100 ohms
    THD (Sine)<1%
    Size4.25 x 3.75 x 1.75
    Power12 - 16 Volts DC 50 mA
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