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Rycote Lavalier Windjammer Windscreen Set (Black/Pair)


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  • Designed for use with Lavalier microphones worn on the outside of clothing, our Lavalier Windjammer (“Furry”) is the most heavy-duty of Rycote's miniature Lavalier microphone products. It is suitable for use in windy outdoor interview conditions, and greatly reduces microphone noise and clothes rustle, while also providing effective wind protection.

    The Lavalier Windjammer is a small ball of windjammer fur with an elasticized opening. It will fit a wide range of lavalier microphones including the larger ones that are not suitable with Overcovers. Each includes a foam insert to secure the microphone within it. Many lavalier windscreens can fit inside the “furry”, e.g. the crescent windscreen types on a Voice Technologies VT500 or Tram TR50 or ball types of the Sanken and DPA. We recommend using our Rycote Lavalier Foam windscreens on your lavalier microphone within the “Furry” for a great fit and maximum wind noise protection.

    The Lavalier Windjammer comes in a range of black, grey, and white as standard. Other colors are also available as special order to allow you to select the right match for your chosen piece of clothing, e.g. camouflage.

    Width: 40 mm
    Length: 40 mm
    Height: 30 mm

    Suitable Lavalier Types:
    Microphone Diameters: 4.5mm
    Microphone Lengths (Up to): 15mm
    Maximum Wind Noise Attenuation: 12 dB

    Microphones commonly used with Lavalier Windjammers include: Sanken COS11, Tram TR50, Voice Technologies VT500 and VT506, Sonotrim STR ML+, DPA 4060, Sennheiser MKE2 and Countryman EMW/B3/B6 - to name a few.

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