Sennheiser 2000-BP2-INST Dual Instrument Wireless System (G Band/558-626 MHz)


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  • Dual Channel Instrument System: (2) SK 2000XP bodypack transmitters with (2) CI1-4 instrument cables; (1) EM 2050 dual channel receiver.

    With its clear and powerful sound coveted by professional performers, this versatile and flexible system is impressive evidence of Sennheiser's enormous know-how in wireless stage equipment. Offering a large switching bandwidth, flexible frequency management, upgradable software as well as reliable and easy-to-use but sophisticated technology protected by sturdy housings, the 2000 Series was born and raised for the stage life with all its roughness. Giving pros the options and the confidence they should expect from their tools. From handheld microphones to in-ear monitoring to rugged ENG components.

    SK2000 Transmitter
    This lightweight yet extremely rugged bodypack transmitter is a delight for both the musician and the audience. With an AF frequency response of 25 to 20,000 Hz, it transmits even the sound of a bass guitar with rich fundamentals. Three RF output powers (four in the US version) provide longer transmission ranges or more channels per frequency range. The rechargeable batteries of the SK 2000 (optional) can be charged right in the unit using the external charging contacts.


    • Sturdy all-metal housing
    • Up to 75 MHz switching bandwidth
    • 20 fixed frequency banks with up to 64 compatible presets
    • 6 banks each with up to 64 tunable channels
    • Frequency setting in 25 kHz steps
    • Pilot tone squelch for interference-free operation
    • External charging contacts for recharging battery BA 2015 in the transmitter
    • Backlit display on transmitter (keystroke activation)
    • Auto-lock feature to prevent buttons from being pressed accidently
    • Audio and RF MUTE feature for muting the transmitter
    • Wide range of accessories for virtually any use
    • Enhanced audio frequency response in the bass range for optimum transmission from bass guitars
    • Input sensitivity above 60 dB can be set in 3 dB steps
    • Transmitters can be configured from the receiver menu
    • Can be synchronized with the receiver using infrared interface
    • Wide range of accessories for virtually any use

    EM 2050 Dual Channel Diversity Receiver

    Equipped with the same features as EM 2000 but designed as a twin receiver, EM 2050 makes it possible for the RF signal to be looped through with the help of an integrated active splitter. With this design, you can set up systems with up to 16 channels without using external splitters. An integrated equalizer and guitar tuning device complete the package.


    • Rugged 19" all-metal housing with integrated power supply unit
    • Up to 3000 frequencies in up to 75 MHz switching bandwidth
    • 20 fixed frequency bands with up to 64 compatible presets
    • 6 banks each with up to 64 tunable channels
    • True diversity technology for best reception quality
    • Integrated antenna splitter for cascading up to 8 devices without using additional splitters
    • Pilot tone squelch for interference-free operation
    • Scan feature within the channel band system
    • Continuous scanning together with Sennheiser's Wireless Systems Manager
    • Frequency setting in 25 kHz steps
    • Squelch setting always visible on the display
    • Antenna cables for active antenna supply
    • Transformer-balanced audio outputs
    • HDX noise reduction system with signal-to-noise ratio less than 120 dB(A)
    • Ethernet for connecting to a PC
    • Monitoring and control using Sennheiser WSM PC software
    • User-friendly menu interface with two-color backlit graphic display (red as a warning)
    • Transmitters can be configured from the receiver menu
    • Transmitters can be synchronized over the infrared interface
    • 4 selectable equalizer presets
    • Soundcheck mode for monitoring transmission conditions
    • Adjustable headphone connection

    What's In The Box:

    • 2 SK 2000 bodypack transmitters
    • 2 CI1-4 instrument cables
    • 4 AA 1.5 V batteries
    • 1 EM 2050 stationary twin receiver
    • 3 mains cables (EU, UK, and US)
    • 2 rod antennas
    • 4 self-adhesive device feet
    • 1 instruction manual
    • 1 supplementary frequency sheet
    • 1 supplementary RF power sheet
  • EM 2050 Receiver  
    Dimensions 217 x 483 x 43 mm
    Compander HDX
    Presets max. 64
    Frequency response 25 - 18000 Hz
    Weight 2900 g
    Operating temperature -10 °C à +55 °C
    Signal-to-noise ratio > 120 dB(A)
    RF frequency range 516...865 MHz
    Peak deviation +/- 48 kHz
    Power supply 100 - 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
    Carrier frequencies max. 3000
    Squelch threshold Off, 5 ... 25 dB V Can be set in 2 dB steps
    Intermodulation spacing 75 dB
    Antenna connector 2 BNC (50 )
    Cascadable 2 BNC (50 )
    Gain 0 dB ±0,5 dB Based on antenna inputs
    Current consumption max. 0,25 A
    Booster 12 V DC, 2 x 200 mA Short-circuit proof
    SK 2000 Bodypack Transmitter  
    Dimensions 82 x 64 x 24 mm
    Compander HDX
    Audio-XLR connector Sennheiser (3-pin) Socket
    Presets max. 64
    Weight 160 g
    Signal-to-noise ratio > 120 dB(A) (@ 1 mV, peak deviation)
    RF frequency range 516 ... 866 MHz
    RF output power 10, 30, 50 mW (US: 100 mW)
    Peak deviation ±48 kHz
    Nominal deviation ±24 kHz
    In compliance with CE , FCC, IC
    Operating time typ. 8 h
    Modulation FM
    Power supply 2 x 1,5 V (AA)
    Carrier frequencies max. 3000
    Input impedance mic 40 k
    Input impedance line 1 M
    Max. Input voltage 3 V (mic + line)
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