Shure SCM280-DAN 8-Channel Digital IntelliMix Automatic Mixer


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  • 8-Channel Digital Automatic Mixer, Block Connectors, Dante Digital Audio.

    Designed for use in speech applications including sound reinforcement, broadcasting, and recording, the SCM820 uses IntelliMix® technology to dramatically improve audio quality when many channels of microphones need to operate simultaneously. Multiple I/O configurations and networking options ensure analog and digital connectivity between devices.


    IntelliMix technology

    • Delivers seamless automatic mixing and reduced background noise through dynamic channel gating and attenuation
    • NAT (Noise Adaptive Threshold) continuously adjusts the activation threshold for opening a channel
    • Number of Open Microphones Attenuation (NOMA) determines the amount of gain attenuation for a mix output when the number of active microphones changes
    • Last Mic Lock-On (LMLO) keeps the most recently activated microphone open until another microphone is activated
    • MaxBus ensures that only one channel is opened per sound source, reducing comb filtering for clear and intelligible speech
    • IntelliMix Modes offer five different mixer mode presets of reliable automixing styles (Classic, Smooth, Extreme, Custom, or Manual) to quickly tailor the mix for a particular application

    Enhanced I/O support for greater application flexibility and digital connectivity

    • DB25 or logic-enabled block connector models available, each with 8 inputs
    • Per-channel direct outputs allow the SCM820 to be used as an insert processor
    • Mix A and B outputs with selectable mic or line level connect to a sound reinforcement system, mixing console, or recording device
    • Dual mixer operation enables routing of independent automixes to the mix A and B outputs, allowing two entirely different mixes to result from the same set of inputs
    • Aux inputs on both the front and back panel easily connect to media players
    • ¼" (6.35 mm) stereo headphone output for channel solo and mix monitoring

    Comprehensive control

    • Channel control knobs allow quick adjustment of gain, limiter, and EQ settings, and solo/mute functions on input channels
    • Output mix controls and meters enable front-panel master gain and limiter control as well as signal monitoring
    • LED meter rings display input audio or IntelliMix gain levels for each channel
    • Browser-based control software delivers comprehensive software control, monitoring, routing, and configuration of all signals and settings and adds a parametric 8-band EQ

    Advanced networking

    • Standard Ethernet or Dante™ digital networked audio configurations available
    • Dante-equipped models enable multi-channel audio networking over Ethernet
    • Dante upgrade card available for standard Ethernet models
    • Dante virtual soundcard license included to connect a computer to a Dante network for recording, playback, and internet calling between Dante-equipped devices
    • Link Dante-equipped SCM820 mixers to form large automixes of up to 12 units (96 channels of audio)
    • Control system compatible (AMX, Crestron)
  • General  
    Dynamic Range (20 Hz to 20 kHZ, A-weighed, typical)

    Analog-to-Analog: 110 dB
    Analog-to-Dante, Dante-to-Analog: 113 dB

    Output Noise (mix output / direct output) (20 Hz to 20 kHz, A-Weighted, one channel open)

    Output Pad
    Line (+0): -90 dBV
    Aux (-20): -110 dBV
    Mic (-46): -135 dBV
    Equivalent Input Noise (20 Hz to 20 kHz, A-Weighted, input terminated with 150 , digital gain at +18 dB) Input Gain Setting
    Line (+0): -93 dBV
    Mic (+26): -118 dBV
    Mic (+46): -130 dBV
    THD+N 1 kHz, +4 dBu out, mix output (MASTER) at +0 dB <0.05%
    Common Mode Rejection Ratio (150 balanced source, at 1kHz) >70 dB
    Polarity Non-inverting, any input to any output
    Dimensions 44 mm x 483 mm x 289 mm (1.7 in. x 19.0 in. x 11.4 in.), H x W x D
    Weight 5.5 kg (12.0 lbs)
    Housing Steel; Extruded aluminum
    Power Requirements 100 to 240 V AC, 50-60 Hz, 1 A
    Operating Temperature Range 18°C (0°F) to 63°C (145°F)
    Storage Temperature Range 29°C (-20°F) to 74°C (165°F)
    Analog Connections  
    Channel Input

    Line (-0): +20 dBV
    Mic (+26): 6 dBV
    Mic (+46): 26 dBV

    Impedance: 5 k

    Clipping Level: Active Balanced

    Phantom Power 48 V DC, selectable per channel, 14 mA max.
    Mic level settings only. Phantom power automatically switched off in LINE position.
    Aux Input Configuration: Stereo, Unbalanced
    Impedance: 10 k
    Clipping Level: +10 dBV
    Mix Output Configuration: Active Balanced
    Impedance: 350
    Clipping Level:
    Line (±0): +20 dBV
    Aux ( 20): 0 dBV
    Mic ( 46): 26 dBV
    Direct Output Configuration: Impedance Balanced
    Impedance: 150
    Max Output Level: +20 dBV
    Headphone Output 6.35 mm (1/4”) TRS, 100 mW, 350 , dual mono (will drive stereo phones)
    Digital Signal Processing  
    AD/DA Converter 24-bit, 48 kHz, 113 dB dynamic range typical
    Internal Processing 32-bit
    (From channel input to mix output, Estimated Nominal, ±0.1 ms)

    Single Device (ms)
    Analog to Analog: .51
    Analog to Dante: .29
    Dante to Analog: 0.28 + TN
    Dante to Dante: 0.06 + TN

    In a Link Group (ms)
    0.76 + 4TN
    0.54 + 4TN
    0.53 + 5TN
    0.31 + 5TN

    TN = Network latency in milliseconds, as set in the device preferences page or Dante Controller.
    Note: Dante network latency is typically associated with the receiving device.

    Channel Input Processing Gain Adjustment Range Low Cut: 110 dB to +18 dB Slope: 12dB/octave Corner: 25 Hz to 320 Hz
    High Shelf: Gain: 18 dB to +18 dB Corner: 5 kHz Slope: 12dB/octave
    Mix Output Processing Gain Adjustment Range

    Low Shelf: 110 dB to +18 dB Corner: 25 Hz to 20 kHz

    Slope: 12dB/octave

    Gain: 18 dB to +18 dB

    Corner: 25 Hz to 20 kHz

    Slope: 12dB/octave

    6-Band PEQ:
    Gain: 18 dB to +18 dB

    25 Hz to 20 kHz, ±18 dB

    Bandwidth: 1/70 to 4 octaves

    High Shelf:

    Ratio: 10:1
    Threshold: 50dBFS to 2dBFS
    Attack: 0.1 ms
    Decay: 100 ms

    Network Interface SCM820 Single Port, 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
    SCM820-DAN Dual Port, Gigabit Ethernet, Dante digital audio
    Cable Requirements Cat 5e or higher, shielded, 100 m maximum
    Network Addressing Capability DHCP, link-local, static
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