Shure SLX4L Diversity Wireless Receiver (H19 Band - 542-572 MHz)


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  • Diversity Receiver with TTL Logic Output, PS21 Power Supply, 1/4 Wave Antenna, and Rack Mounting Hardware.

    A logic circuit and associated terminal block connector is provided on the SLX4L receiver, in order to function optimally with software echo cancellers and provide remote monitoring of transmitter battery life. Supported models are the MX690, MX890 transmitters.Three logic pins on a terminal block connector are provided for Transmitter Mute Status, Transmitter Battery Status and Logic Ground.

    Operation:Two modes are provided: Normal and Logic:Normal:In Normal mode, when the MX690, MX890, or any SLX transmitter mute button is pressed, audio is muted at the transmitter and receiver output.

    Logic:In Logic mode, when the MX690, MX890 mute button is pressed the transmitter still sends audio to the receiver, and the receiver still sends an audio signal through the audio outputs. The transmitter Mute Status pin sends a TTL Logic High (+5V) signal, telling the external device that the transmitter is in mute status.

    Selecting Modes:The SLX4L ships in Normal mode. To switch between modes with the unit powered on, press and hold the Select button then press the Power button. In Logic mode, the front panel LCD flashes logic. In Normal mode, the front panel will flash nor. An LED near the terminal block connector illuminates when Logic mode is active.When an IR sync to the transmitter is performed, the receiver will set the transmitter to either Logic or Normal, whichever the current state of the receiver is. Both transmitters and receivers will always remember the last mode status.

    Compatible Models:Transmitters compatible with Logic mode are the MX690, MX890.The logic capability of the SLX4L receiver provides two functions: Transmitter Mute Status indication (which can be used to signal and control other events) and Transmitter Battery status indication.

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